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[Introduction]: There is no evidence to prove that the local epidemic is transmitted to people! This round of epidemic in Shanghai presents the characteristics of local regional gathering and family gathering, and there is no evidence for the time being that it can be transmitted to people through goods.

There is no evidence to prove that the local epidemic has been passed on! The press office of Shanghai municipal people’s government held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control in Shanghai at 17:30 on June 4, 2021. The deputy director of Shanghai CDC introduced that according to the epidemiological investigation of reported cases, this round of epidemic in Shanghai showed the characteristics of local regional aggregation and family aggregation, for the time being, there is no evidence that the goods can be transmitted to people.

What is the reason?

The first reason is that most of the reported cases are close contacts of previous cases, especially family close contacts, and some close contacts with very frequent social activities.

The second is that some cases found in the major investigation also have the space-time intersection of many important places with some previous cases, including places with poor air circulation such as morning tea shops.

The above two points show that the current situation is still the spread of the epidemic caused by human-to-human transmission, which shows that there is no such situation of human-to-human transmission.

What does Shanghai home medicine observation mean? What about home medicine observation family?

If you receive a notice from the disease control department, you or your family member is a suspicious exposed person or a general contact person, and you need to do home medical observation.

➤ minimize contact with family members

Conditional families try their best to observe the objects of home MedicineArrange a single room with good ventilation, try to avoid appearing in public areas together with other family members,Reduce contact opportunities with other family members or co-residents, if you need to appear in public areas at the same time, keep at least more than 1 meter away from your family.

Fixed personal care living

If the household medical observation object needs others to take care of the living life, it should beFixed personal life care. Clothes, bed sheets, towels and other supplies are stored separately and washed separately from others. The carers should also wear medical surgical masks when contacting the observation objects, and carry out hand hygiene timely after contacting the patients.

➤ medical observation for 14 days

The medical observation period is 14 days after the last contact with the case without effective protection or suspicious exposure.

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