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[Introduction]: On January 7, 2021, “Shanghai epidemic” was searched on weibo. In fact, it was a confirmed case imported from overseas in Shanghai Haizhu who recovered from the hospital after discharge. The second review result was negative.

Which district is the epidemic in Shanghai on January 7, 2021?

Haizhu district, Shanghai. According to the information from the prevention and control headquarters of the Xinguan pneumonia epidemic in Haizhu district, Shanghai, on January 6, 2021, a confirmed case imported from overseas was found positive after being discharged from hospital in Haizhu district, Shanghai. On January 7, the results of the second review by the Shanghai provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention were negative. The case resides in Nanzhou Street, Haizhu district.

Individual epidemic prevention and control measures

1. Try to reduce activities outside, wear masks outside, and maintain hand hygiene.

2. Take the initiative to do health monitoring, and take the initiative to measure body temperature when fever occurs. If suspicious symptoms occur, you should take the initiative to wear a mask and seek medical treatment nearby in time.

3. Open windows frequently in the room and often ventilate. Family members do not share towels, keep the household and tableware clean, and frequently air clothes quilt

4. Don’t spit anywhere. Wrap the saliva and nose secretions with tissue and discard them in the covered dustbin.

5. If there are no suspicious symptoms before traveling, you can travel normally. If suspicious symptoms occur, it is recommended to rest at home and seek medical treatment on the spot, and then set off after the symptoms disappear.