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[Introduction]: On January 24, a passenger of the K675/678 train from Shanghai to Wuhu, Anhui province tested positive for nucleic acid. According to the train running route map, the departure station of the train is Shanghai East railway station, which once stopped in Dongguan, Huizhou and Heyuan.

According to the news released by “Huaibei release” on January 26, a passenger took the K675/678 train from Shanghai to Wuhu, Anhui province on January 24, and got off the train. After getting off, he tested positive for nucleic acid at the isolation point. The K675/678 train once stopped at Dongguan East Railway Station, Huizhou Railway Station, Heyuan Railway Station and Longchuan Railway Station in Shanghai.

Which stations did the k675 train pass through in Shanghai East railway station?


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At 11 o’clock on the evening of January 25, 2021, Huaibei City epidemic prevention office received a notice from the provincial epidemic prevention office: Yu Moumou entered Shanghai on January 9. After the 14-day isolation in Shanghai expired, take Shanghai East Railway Station to Wuhu station K675/678 shift 5 bus No. 13 upper berth on January 24, and get off at Wuhu station in the early morning of January 25. The nucleic acid test was positive at 3 a.m. on January 25 at the isolation point in Wuhu city. Yu Moumou’s personnel in the same carriage involved 4 people in Huaibei city, who were in close contact. After receiving the notice, our city immediately carried out flow adjustment investigation. Four close contacts all implemented centralized isolation in the early morning of January 26, and the first nucleic acid test was negative. 39 close contacts (secondary close connection) of 4 close contacts have been tracked, all of which implement centralized isolation and nucleic acid sampling. The CDC has sampled and eliminated the contact items and external environment of relevant personnel.


  Please check the high-risk areas in advance during the process of returning home, understand the corresponding local homecoming isolation and nucleic acid detection policies, and ensure safe return home!

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