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[Introduction]: Shanghai’s “14+7+7” isolation policy targets all foreign immigrants, Hong Kong immigrants and Taiwan immigrants.

Who is the target of Shanghai 14+7+7 isolation policy?

All foreign immigrants Hong Kong and Taiwan immigrants

According to the “notice of Shanghai new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters on strengthening the prevention and control of new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in our city (No. 28)”, the import measures of foreign prevention and control will be continuously implemented. Strengthen the closed-loop management of inbound personnel and connect seamlessly from point to point. Implement “centralized isolation for 14 days + home isolation for 7 days + self-health monitoring for 7 days” for all inbound personnel from abroad (the destination is Shanghai). After the isolation is lifted, on the 23rd day of entry, free nucleic acid testing in the hospital on the basis of the isolation certificate for 28 days.

Taiwan Jinsui: centralized isolation for 14 days + home isolation for 7 days + self-health monitoring for 7 days

Hong Kong Jinsui: 14-day centralized isolation +7-day home health monitoring +7-day self-health monitoring

Macao Jinsui: it meets the conditions and is free of isolation. It holds the negative certificate of nucleic acid test within 7 days.

For those entering the mainland from Macao, centralized isolation medical observation will no longer be carried out for 14 days, but nucleic acid test negative certificate will be required to enter Shanghai within 7 days. If the nucleic acid test is negative for 14 consecutive days in Macao, you can travel freely in Shanghai.