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[Introduction]: how many cases of new pneumonia have been confirmed in Shanghai by 24:00 on February 12? How many new cases are added? Where is the distribution?

As of 24:00 on February 12, 2020, the epidemic situation of covid-19 in Shanghai

From 0:00 to 24:00 on February 12, 2020, Shanghai reported 4 new confirmed cases of covid-19, including 2 cases in Panyu district, 1 case in Tianhe district and 1 case in Huadu district. 8 New cured patients were discharged.

As of 24:00 on February 12, 327 confirmed cases of covid-19 were reported in Shanghai, including 73 cases in Baiyun district, 63 cases in Haizhu district, 43 cases in Tianhe district, 38 cases in Panyu district, 35 cases in Yuexiu district, 17 cases in Liwan district, 17 cases in Zengcheng district, 16 cases in Huangpu district, 16 cases in Huadu district, 8 cases in Nansha district and 1 case in Conghua district. 157 males and 170 females. The age is between 1-90 years old. There are 22 suspected cases. The total number of verified and tracked close contacts was 2886, and 520 people were still under medical observation.

Of the 327 confirmed cases, 78 have been cured and discharged without death. At present, 249 cases have been isolated and treated in designated hospitals, including 14 critical cases, 12 severe cases, 207 common cases and 16 light cases; 209 cases are in eight hospitals in the city (including 5 critical cases, 8 cases of heavy duty), 19 cases in the second provincial hospital (including 1 case of heavy duty), 14 cases in the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangyi (including 9 cases of critical duty and 3 cases of heavy duty), 5 cases were treated in the municipal Women and Children Center, 1 case was treated in Zhongshan third Hospital and 1 case was treated in southern hospital.

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Age distribution of cases

At present, 327 confirmed cases are between 1-90 years old. Age distribution: 5 cases under 3 years old, 4 cases aged 4-10 years old, 6 cases aged 11-14 years old, 10 cases aged 15-20 years old, 39 cases aged 21-30 years old, 56 cases aged 31-40 years old, 60 cases aged 41-50 years old, 61 cases aged 51-60, 65 cases aged 61-70, 14 cases aged 71-80, and 7 cases over 81 years old.

Age distribution of confirmed cases in Shanghai

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New cases involve communities or places

From 0:00 to 24:00 on February 12, 2020, 4 new confirmed cases were added in Shanghai. After investigation, it was found that 4 communities or places in 3 districts were involved. After the confirmed cases were found, the disease control department had immediately carried out strict final disinfection of the communities involved, urging and guiding the communities and properties to do daily preventive disinfection work. Close contacts related to the case have been sent to the designated place for medical observation.

I hope you don’t panic and don’t care too much about whether there are any cases in your community. Communities with and without cases should do a good job in prevention and control. Even if there are no cases in the community, we must do a good job of personal protection.

Tianhe district (1)

Tangdehuayuan, Tangxia street

Huadu District (1)

Tea Garden Road, Huacheng Street

Panyu district (2)

Zhongcun Street blessing famous capital

Cangbian Street, Shiqiao Street

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