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[Introduction]: where are the confirmed cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia distributed in Huangpu district? Where have confirmed patients been? What is the activity trajectory of patients with confirmed pneumonia?

Update Time: April 3

Statistical time: as of 24:00 on April 2

Case-related communities or places in Huangpu District (14)

Yuzhu Street, Huangpu district

Yunpu Street Rongcun West Street

Hongfu West Road, Hongshan Street

Luogang Heyuan, Changling Street

Lianhe Street, Lingnan Mountain

Citygate Outlets, yunpu Street

Junhe famous city, Fengle North Road, Dasha Street

Jinbi century garden

Lianhe Street Poly Linyu Villa Fanglin Second Street

Longhu Street Vanke happy reputation

Hengyuan Garden, Guanghai Road, Nangang Street

Yunpu Street Zhonghai Yucheng

Blue Jade Fifth Street, Xia Gang Street

Yunpu Street Vanke golden dream

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