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[Introduction]: at present, the risk level of the epidemic in Hubei is low-risk, while people from low-risk areas go to Shanghai with a health code Green code, and those with normal body temperature do not need to be isolated.

Do people from Hubei need to be isolated from Shanghai?

Hubei green code back to Shanghai without isolation

According to the epidemic risk inquiry system of the State Council, cities in Hubei province belong to low-risk areas of epidemic. Shanghai does not need to isolate people who have a history of living in low-risk areas in the past 14 days. Shanghai CDC reminds other provinces to take the initiative to conduct a nucleic acid test after traveling and returning from business trips, and observe themselves for 14 days to do health monitoring.

The broad masses should take personal protective measures such as personal hygiene cleaning, ventilation and disinfection, wearing masks, washing hands frequently, keeping social distance, etc., and actively participate in the work of environmental sanitation management and breeding ground cleaning, etc, consciously maintain the environment, improve the awareness of prevention, actively strengthen self-protection, establish the concept that everyone is the first responsible person for their own health, and develop a civilized, healthy, green and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

How to break the epidemic in autumn and winter? Don’t panic, Shanghai has these three cards!

The first card, nucleic acid detection capability.

The second card is fever clinic.

The third card is the re-allocation of medical resources.