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[Introduction]: people from low-risk areas in Chongqing come to the ear and return to the ear. The body temperature is below 37.3 degrees. Those who hold the Blue Code of Guangdong Kang code or the Blue Code of Suikang code and the Green code do not need to be isolated for 14 days.

Is Chongqing going back to Shanghai isolated?

At present, the whole city in Chongqing is at low risk of the epidemic. People returning to Shanghai from low risk areas of the epidemic in China should consciously cooperate with the body temperature test and apply for Guangdong Kang code or Sui Kang code in advance. If the body temperature is below 37.3 degrees, the personnel holding Guangdong Kang code or Sui Kang Code Green code do not need isolation medical observation for 14 days.

It is worth mentioning that in the past 14 days, all personnel have taken the initiative to conduct a nucleic acid test as soon as possible. Before completing nucleic acid testing, it is recommended not to participate in aggregation activities and avoid taking public transportation.

Health protection for residents

Wear masks scientifically and pay attention to hand hygiene. Guide residents in accordance with the guidelines for the public to wear masks scientifically (revised edition) (joint defense and joint control mechanism comprehensive development (2020) No. 174, relevant guidelines can be downloaded from the official website of Shanghai provincial health commission) wear masks scientifically. All staff and residents should wash their hands frequently and use effective alcohol-containing quick-drying hand disinfectant; Avoid touching eyes with hands or gloves in work and life.

Special group care. Provide 24-hour telephone or online consultation services for the elderly, children, pregnant women, patients with chronic diseases and other special groups. According to the community conditions, it can provide necessary on-site living and medical services for those who live alone or have difficulty in moving.