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[Introduction]: Shanghai provincial people’s government issued a notice on the resumption of work of various enterprises in Shanghai province on January 28. Let’s learn about it together!

Notice of Shanghai provincial people’s government on the resumption of work by enterprises and the opening time of schools

Municipal People’s governments at or above the local level, county (city, district) people’s governments, provincial government departments and institutions directly under the provincial government:

In order to strengthen the epidemic prevention and control work of the new coronavirus infection pneumonia, effectively reduce the gathering of personnel, block the spread of the epidemic, and better protect people’s life safety and health, according to the Party Central Committee and the State Council’s prevention and control work deployment, according to the Emergency Response Law of the People’s Republic of China, the law of the People’s Republic of China on the prevention and control of infectious diseases and the relevant provisions of the first-level response mechanism for public health emergencies in Shanghai province, the notice on the resumption of work and school opening time of enterprises in our province is as follows:

I. The resumption time of all kinds of enterprises in the administrative area is no earlier than 24 o’clock on February 9, which involves the need to ensure urban and rural operation (water supply, power supply, oil and gas, communication, public transportation, environmental protection, municipal sanitation and other industries), epidemic prevention and control requirements (medical equipment, drugs, protective equipment production, transportation and sales, etc.), mass bread and butter (supermarket stores, food production, logistics and distribution, etc.) and other industries involving important national economy and people’s livelihood, except for relevant enterprises that supply Hong Kong to Macao and need to resume work in special circumstances. The employer shall protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees according to law.

2. Primary and secondary schools and kindergartens within the administrative area will not start school before February 17, and colleges and universities, secondary vocational schools and technical colleges will not start school before February 24. According to the epidemic situation and prevention and control situation, municipal education departments, human resources and social security departments, colleges and universities, secondary vocational schools and technical colleges at or above the local level will determine the specific opening time after scientific research and judgment.

III. For those who really need to return to Guangdong before 24 o’clock on February 9 due to work, all regions, relevant departments and employers should strengthen quarantine inspection and health protection, and their units should report relevant information in a timely manner; for those who come from or have been to key areas of the epidemic, they should strictly follow the health monitoring and management plan for Guangdong personnel who come to the place where the new coronavirus infection occurs (second edition) the notice (Yuewei Mingdian [2020] No. 11) implements the prevention and control measures.

Four, all kinds of enterprises, schools and employers should implement the main responsibility of prevention and control, strengthen the health monitoring of employees and teachers and students, improve the corresponding facilities and equipment, provide sanitary supplies and isolated observation places, carry out environmental sanitation renovation and disinfection of key places, and implement various prevention and control measures and service guarantee measures.

V. Municipal people’s governments at or above the local level shall formulate feasible prevention and control measures and plans for the epidemic of new coronavirus infection pneumonia according to local actual conditions, and implement the work and responsibilities to specific responsible units and responsible persons.

Shanghai provincial People’s Government

January 28, 2020