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[Introduction]: in order to effectively, orderly and effectively prevent and control the epidemic of the new coronavirus pneumonia and ensure the life safety and health of the people in the whole district, Panyu district of Shanghai issued a notice No. 2, requiring further strengthening the prevention and control of the epidemic.

Leading Group for prevention and control of pneumonia epidemic caused by new coronavirus in Panyu district, Shanghai

Notice on ten measures to further strengthen epidemic prevention and control

(No. 2)

I. Strengthen the leadership of Party building

Party and government leading cadres at all levels should take epidemic prevention and control as the most important work at present and pay close attention to implementation. Party organizations at all levels in the district should resolutely implement the unified deployment of district committees, give full play to the role of fighting bastion, and lead party members and masses to fully block the transmission channels of the epidemic.

Party members in the whole district should actively respond to the call of the district committee, take the initiative to participate in the epidemic prevention and control work, take the lead in strictly abiding by the relevant regulations of epidemic prevention and control, and unite the strong power of fighting the epidemic. Acts of inaction, slow action and disorderly action of party members and cadres, as well as public officials still stranded in key epidemic areas (staff of Party and government organs, public institutions and state-owned enterprises) the discipline inspection and supervision department shall be responsible according to law for returning to the spike before the first-level response of major public health emergencies in the province is lifted.

II. Strengthen prevention and control according to law

Strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures according to law, strengthen publicity and education guidance, and resolutely prevent the spread of the epidemic. All units and individuals should abide by the provisions of epidemic prevention and control, consciously fulfill the legal obligations of epidemic prevention and control, effectively implement various prevention and control measures, do not spread rumors, do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors, and effectively maintain social stability. Those who violate relevant regulations and hinder epidemic prevention and control work shall be investigated for legal responsibility according to law.

III. Strengthen personnel control

All residents should consciously do a good job of health protection. During the epidemic prevention and control period, they should go out less, wear masks, wash their hands frequently, do not gather or have dinner, and avoid going to places that are not ventilated or crowded with people, wear masks according to the requirements of the control measures for wearing masks in public places in Shanghai province, and actively declare the status and health of the ears within 14 days through the WeChat mini program “Suikang, if you have symptoms such as fever and cough, you should go to the nearest hospital for medical treatment in time and report to the local residence (village) committee immediately.

On the same day, the foreign personnel and the residents of Panyu district should timely declare through the WeChat mini program “Suikang” and report to the unit and the residence (village) committee. Personnel who are still stranded in key epidemic areas are not allowed to return to their ears before the first-level response of major public health emergencies in the province is lifted.

Implement the “nine ones” management and care for home/centralized quarantine personnel in Panyu district (that is, post a health care reminder in front of the home quarantine residents, deliver a letter of consolation and a home isolation notice, identify a community counterpart to contact the service person, and distribute a thermometer, a dozen masks, a body temperature Test form, a pen, and a brochure); home/centralized isolation personnel are not allowed to leave the isolated residence/hotel without authorization. They must report their body temperature monitoring every day. Household garbage must be sealed and bagged in the house, and be in the community (village) every day. The house is placed outside the house at the designated time, and the cleaning staff will handle it according to other garbage; The home/centralized isolation personnel have one of the symptoms such as fever, cough, body soreness, fatigue, shortness of breath, etc, the garbage generated in the residence shall be disposed according to the medical waste, and the community health service centers in each jurisdiction shall assist in handling it.

To conceal the spread of the epidemic caused by the living history and health status of key epidemic areas, those who know that they have been infected or are informed that they should receive isolation treatment, centralized medical observation and home isolation refuse to accept the above prevention and control measures, and other acts that violate the relevant provisions of epidemic prevention and control shall be investigated for legal responsibility according to law.

IV. Strengthen community (village) control

All communities (villages) shall implement closed management. Residents of communities (villages) must enter and exit with valid certificates. Body temperature must be measured every time they enter and exit. If fever is found, they must go to the village in time. Report of the committee. If there is no property management, closed management shall be implemented on a grid basis.

During the epidemic prevention period, property management units must do a good job in community cleaning and disinfection, garbage sorting and fire safety management, grasp the living conditions of owners and non-owners in the community in real time and assist in registration.

The owner of the rental house or the lessor of the House should strictly fulfill the management responsibilities, strengthen the management of the leased personnel, and report to the residential (village) committee in time in case of suspicious circumstances.

If there are confirmed, suspected or positive test cases in the community (village), the town street of the prefecture should adopt measures such as closed hard isolation, regular organization and elimination, and prohibition of entry and exit of personnel and vehicles according to the epidemic situation, ensure that the epidemic does not spread or spread.

Five, strengthen farmers’ market control

Farmers markets in the region should formulate emergency plans or commitments for epidemic prevention and control in the market according to their actual conditions. Conscientiously implement daily cleaning, disinfection and ventilation measures, and all incoming personnel will measure their body temperature and wear masks. The main business body of the farmers market should arrange the business hours reasonably, surround the redundant entrances and exits, and keep the air circulation and the environment clean and tidy in the market. Wild animals are strictly prohibited to be sold in the market. All products in the market are clearly marked. The Source channels of the products are legal and clear, and the request for certificates is complete.

All live poultry trading places in our district are temporarily closed. During the closed period, all live poultry products trading markets in the whole district are not allowed to carry out live poultry (referring to chickens, ducks, geese, pigeons, quails and other poultry for food) business activities, and fully clean and disinfect the live poultry trading market. To break when working in the live poultry business activities in the market and operator of the Morning Star, market supervision and other departments will be investigated according to law, and if the case constitutes a crime, the offender shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.

VI. Strengthen the management and control of the catering industry

All catering units in the District (including beverage shops, snack bars, breakfast shops, etc.) suspend the Hall and Hall food service, and can provide take-out ordering services such as self-pick-up, internet or telephone, independent private rooms (one table per room, no table) can be used to provide meals for individual guests. All gathering dining activities (including self-organized banquets, except the canteen of the unit) are prohibited. Catering units or individuals are prohibited from undertaking gathering meals or providing services for gathering meals. Employees who have contact history at the place where the epidemic occurs or who arrive (return) from the place where the epidemic occurs are strictly prohibited to take up their posts during the period of home isolation, and employees with respiratory tract infection symptoms such as fever and cough are strictly prohibited to take up their posts.

The region’s catering units shall reasonably arrange the hours and take meals personnel density region, and earnestly implement the daily cleaning and disinfection, ventilation measures entrants are measuring body temperature, and wear a mask. Breakfast packing and meal delivery to room service are provided for hotel guests. Implement scattered dining for all administrative office areas and strengthen self-protection.

VII. Strengthen the management and control of cultural tourism industry

The state-owned cultural recreational and leisure site of the District and the cultural and entertainment gathering places inside the village are all closed. Cinemas, theaters and other entertainment venues, various museums, art galleries, exhibition halls, tourist attractions, travel agencies and other cultural tourism and business units should be carefully verified to resume work and resume production. Relevant requirements for returning to work and returning to production shall be implemented in accordance with the notice from the superior.

VIII. Strengthen traffic control

Residents take public transportation in the area, enter the passenger station, bus station, port, dock, port of entry and exit and other transportation hubs in the area, drive or ride through the high-speed road exit and other transportation nodes in the area, should cooperate to do a good job of traffic epidemic prevention inspection.

Public transport enterprises strictly manage the hygiene of passenger vehicles, taxis, online vehicles and other means of transportation, and fully implement daily ventilation, disinfection, cleaning and other measures. Drivers and passengers must wear masks, passengers must be taking temperature each time they get on the bus.

IX. Strengthen the management and control of education and child care units

Strictly control schools, out-of-school training institutions and care service institutions for infants aged 0-3 (including early education institutions). The region at schools of various levels and categories or receiving the higher authorities prior to his receipt of the said Notice shall unauthorized school, schools of in-school and out-of-school training institution shall not organize medical clustering of educational and teaching activities and, care service institutions for infants aged 0-3 (including early childhood education institutions) refer to the implementation.

Schools of all levels and types are responsible for notifying teachers and students in key epidemic areas to postpone their return to the ear, strengthening the publicity of the prevention and control knowledge of the new coronavirus and the monitoring of the epidemic, and doing a good job in online teaching, online counseling, recreational activities, physical exercise, mental health counseling and other work.

10. Strengthen the management and control of enterprise resumption of work and production

Compaction enterprise epidemic prevention and control of the main body responsibility of the region various industries and enterprises must strictly implement the quarantine inspection and health protection measures, to meet the “six in place (prevention and control mechanisms are in place, how do I use the place, facilities and materials in place, internal management is in place, publicity and education are in place, safety production is in place) and” Eight Ones “(implement employee health status report, body temperature test, wear masks, set up isolation observation room, understand the epidemic prevention and control telephone consultation, to carry out patriotic health and sanitation campaign, to carry out health education, to strengthen the humanistic care measures) conditions can resumption of production.

Enterprises that have resumed work and production should implement closed management and continue to do all the work of epidemic prevention and control in their own enterprises. Enterprises with confirmed, suspected and positive test cases shall take measures such as shutdown, partial shutdown, and personnel isolation to effectively control the spread of the epidemic and report relevant information to the health and epidemic prevention department in a timely manner. Enterprises in all industries in the region are responsible for notifying employees in key epidemic areas to postpone their return to their ears and protecting their legitimate rights and interests according to law.

The release time of the above epidemic prevention and control measures shall be adjusted and notified separately according to the development of the epidemic prevention and control situation.  

Prevention and Control of novel coronavirus infection in Panyu district, Shanghai

Leading Group of pneumonia epidemic

February 11, 2020

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