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[Introduction]: What are the new cases published in Shanghai on February 4 involving communities or places?

From 0:00 to 24:00 on February 4, 2020, 21 newly confirmed cases in Shanghai involved 14 communities or places in 8 districts. After the confirmed cases were found, the disease control department had immediately carried out strict final disinfection of the communities involved, urging and guiding the communities and properties to do daily preventive disinfection work. Close contacts related to the case have been sent to the designated place for medical observation.

I hope you don’t panic and don’t care too much about whether there are any cases in your community. Communities with and without cases should do a good job in prevention and control. Even if there are no cases in the community, we must do a good job of personal protection.

New cases involve communities or places

Yuexiu district (1)

Guangming Road, Huaqiao New Village, Huale Street

Haizhu district (3)

Phoenix Second Street, Longfeng Street

Pazhou Street Poly Tianyue

RAINBOW Street Jinbi Garden

Liwan district (2)

Yujing No. 1, Duobao Street

Huadi Street hengliwan Bank

Tianhe district (1)

Yujing, pearlescent New Town, Qicun Street

Baiyun district (3)

Jiangxia Liu Tiegang

Lejia Road, tangjing Street

Shijing Street Luxing apartment

Huangpu district (2)

Lianhe Street, Lingnan Mountain

Citygate Outlets, yunpu Street

Panyu district (1)

Zhongcun Street blessing colorful Hui

Zengcheng district (1)

Fuliyuan Second Street, Xintang town

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