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[Introduction]: Shanghai prevention and control office issued a notice on February 14. Except for the whole family or the personnel with separate living conditions to allow home isolation and health observation, for all Hubei xinsui personnel, centralized isolation health observation is implemented.

Notice of Shanghai municipal headquarters office for prevention and control of new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic on strengthening health service management of Hubei xinyisui personnel

Sui prevention and control office [2020] No. 21

All member units of the new Crown pneumonia prevention and control headquarters of each district and the new Crown pneumonia prevention and control headquarters of the city:

At present, the new coronavirus epidemic in our city is in a period of rapid growth of imported cases, and the prevention and control situation is very severe. In order plus-sized efforts to curb the spread and spread of the new coronavirus epidemic in the community and reduce the infection rate, with the consent of the leading comrades of the municipal new coronavirus prevention and control headquarters, the relevant matters are notified as follows:

I. From the date of spontaneous literature, centralized isolation health observation will be carried out for all the people in Hubei province, except for the whole family’s anti-heading or the people with separate living conditions who allow home isolation health observation. All districts are requested to arrange centralized isolation of health observation sites, ensure personnel, funds and facilities, and register one by one.

2. Home or centralized isolation health observation personnel are not allowed to go out during the isolation period, and can be relieved after 14 days without symptoms. If fever, cough and other related symptoms occur, they should be disposed according to relevant work guidelines. Those who refuse to accept quarantine health observation and cause the spread of the epidemic shall be investigated for responsibility according to law.

Prevention and Control of New coronavirus pneumonia in Shanghai

Office of work headquarters

February 13, 2020