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[Introduction]: at present, the new pneumonia virus is rampant. When will Primary and secondary schools in Shanghai start school? Let’s take a look!

When will Shanghai primary and secondary schools start school in 2020?

On January 28, 2020, Shanghai provincial people’s government issued the notice on the resumption of work and school opening time of enterprises, requiring primary and secondary schools and kindergartens within their administrative areas not to start school before February 17, colleges and universities, secondary vocational schools, technical colleges will not start school before February 24. According to the epidemic situation and prevention and control situation, municipal education departments, human resources and social security departments, colleges and universities, secondary vocational schools and technical colleges at or above the local level will determine the specific opening time after scientific research and judgment.

The resumption time of all kinds of enterprises is no earlier than 24 o’clock on February 9, which involves the need to ensure urban and rural operation (water supply, power supply, oil and gas, communication, public transportation, environmental protection, municipal sanitation and other industries), epidemic prevention and control is necessary (medical equipment, drugs, protective equipment production, transportation, sales and other industries), mass bread and butter (supermarket stores, food production, logistics and distribution and other industries) and other industries involving important national economy and people’s livelihood, except for relevant enterprises that supply Hong Kong to Macao and need to resume work in special circumstances. The employer shall protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees according to law.

All kinds of enterprises, schools and employers should implement the main responsibility of prevention and control, strengthen the health monitoring of employees, teachers and students, improve the corresponding facilities and equipment, provide sanitary products and isolated observation places, carry out environmental sanitation renovation and disinfection of key places, and implement various prevention and control measures and service guarantee measures.

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