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[Introduction]: On May 26, a local person with positive nucleic acid in covid-19 was found in Haizhu district of Shanghai, who was in close contact with Liwan confirmed case (song xxx) reported on the same day.

Updated on: May 26, 2021.

According to the news from the prevention and control headquarters of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in Haizhu district on May 26, 2021, on May 26, Haizhu district found a local new coronavirus nucleic acid positive person during the fever outpatient monitoring of medical institutions. It is the close contact of Liwan confirmed case (song xxx) reported on the same day.

Details of nucleic acid positive persons of Xinguan pneumonia in Haizhu district:

Song mouming (song Moumou niece), 17 years old, lives in Yiju Street, Mingyuan community, Nanzhou, RAINBOW Street, and studies in Shanghai light industry Senior Technical School (Binjiang Middle Road, Haizhu district). On the evening of May 25, Song mouming went to the south hospital of Zhongshan Second hospital for treatment after fever symptoms occurred. The Hospital collected samples for new coronavirus investigation. On the morning of May 26, the nucleic acid test was positive at the beginning of the screening, and it was reviewed as positive by the city and district CDC at noon on May 26. The personnel has been transferred to Shanghai Eighth People’s Hospital for isolation and observation.

After receiving the report, the Xinguan pneumonia prevention and control headquarters of Haizhu district immediately started the epidemic disposal mechanism, set up a joint flow adjustment expert team, and comprehensively and carefully carried out epidemiological investigation.

According to the current situation of traffic control, Song Mingming is extern of Shanghai light industry Senior Technical School, and he takes public transportation to school everyday, the preliminary flow adjustment did not find that there was a history of overseas and domestic high-risk areas living 14 days before the onset of the disease. On May 22, Song Moumou visited song mouming’s House (Yinju Street, Mingyuan, Nanzhou). At the same time, there were 4 relatives in song mouming. Preliminary investigation of 50 close contacts, 46 of whom have been sampled, and other close contacts and sub-close contacts are still under investigation and verification.

In order to ensure the health of the general public, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

1. Please work in Yiju Street, Mingyuan community, Nanzhou, RAINBOW Street, Haizhu district, and the citizens, senior students in technical schools of Shanghai light industry, faculty and staff and their families living together, according to the principle of “complete inspection”, carry your ID card as soon as possible, do a good job of personal protection, and go to the nearest medical institution or the following nucleic acid detection sampling point for nucleic acid detection.

II. Before the nucleic acid test results are issued, citizens in the above areas are invited not to go out for the time being and do not participate in gathering activities for the time being. If there is any discomfort, go to the fever clinic of the nearest hospital for medical treatment.

Third, the general public are invited not to believe or spread rumors, and to strengthen personal daily protective measures. Relevant information will be released on a rolling basis.

Nucleic acid detection sites in key areas of Haizhu district

Serial number sampling point address 1 basketball court next to no. 83, Yiju Street, Mingyuan Street, Nanzhou Road, Nanzhou District 2 No. 272, Binjiang Middle Road, Shanghai Senior Technical School of light industry