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[Introduction]: 2022 the latest news of pneumonia epidemic in various districts of Shanghai: on March 18, a new asymptomatic infection of covid-19 was found in Tianhe district, which was found from the secret recipients of centralized isolation observation.

Pneumonia case information of Shanghai new coronavirus infection

Data source: Shanghai Health Commission website

Update Time: 10:00 on 2022-03-18

Report on the positive nucleic acid test results of a centralized isolation personnel

On March 18, a new case of asymptomatic covid-19 infection was found in Tianhe district, which was found from the secret recipients of centralized isolation observation. Relevant information is reported as follows:

Case, female, 35 years old, is the wife of Case 1 announced on March 16. On the morning of March 16, he transferred to the isolated hotel for centralized health management as a close contact, and the nucleic acid test result was negative that day. On March 17, the nucleic acid test results were positive, and the closed-loop transport was sent to the eighth Affiliated Hospital of Shanghai Medical University. On March 18, the medical treatment expert group integrated clinical, imaging findings and laboratory test results, and diagnosed as asymptomatic infected persons.

Please insist on personal protection, scanning code, bright code and regular nucleic acid testing to strengthen the monitoring of self-health status. If suspected symptoms such as fever, fatigue and dry cough occur, go to medical institutions in time. At the same time, citizens and friends are reminded to pay close attention to the dynamic adjustment of prevention and control measures, pay dynamic attention to their health code status, and actively cooperate with the government to carry out nucleic acid screening for key groups, key areas and places.

Office of Xinguan pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters, Tianhe district, Shanghai

March 18, 2022

>>> attached: the epidemic situation of covid-19 in Shanghai on March 16, 2022

Local epidemic situation in Shanghai in March
☑On March 18, Shanghai Tianhe added: 1 asymptomatic infected person reported
☑New in Shanghai on March 16: 4 Local confirmed cases +2 asymptomatic cases
☑On March 15, Shanghai added: 1 local asymptomatic infected person
☑New in Shanghai on March 13: 1 locally confirmed case
☑New in Shanghai on March 11: 2 locally confirmed cases
☑New in Shanghai on March 10: 1 locally confirmed case

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