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[Introduction]: Do foreigners who are going back to Shanghai need to declare their health status? What type do you choose?

Do foreigners need to declare their registered health status when they return to Shanghai? What type do you choose?

Need, the type of personnel can be selected according to my actual situation. According to the “notice of Shanghai municipal headquarters for the prevention and control of pneumonia epidemic caused by new coronavirus infection (No. 2)”, from January 30, all citizens and laisui personnel actively declare and register their departure, return and health status within 14 days through the “Suikang” WeChat mini program.

Anyone who has been to Hubei province within 14 days before the heading, voluntarily report the health status to the community (village), unit or hotel where he is located on the day of heading, fill in the registration form of health status information truthfully; For those who have no symptoms such as fever, they have been observed for 14 days at home and do not have the conditions for home observation, please contact the local community health service center (or Town Health Center) to arrange health observation in the centralized places set up in each district.