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[Introduction]: the main venue of Shanghai International light festivals in 2020 is expected to be located in flower city square. Take subway line 3 and Line 5 to the Pearl River New City subway station and Exit B2 or A1 and A2. Or take the subway APM line to get off Huangpu Avenue station.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Shanghai International light festivals and the decade of Shanghai’s rapid development. The holding of Shanghai International light festivals witnessed the rise and growth of Shanghai CBD decorating the night of the city.

From 2011 to 2020, the decade of Shanghai International light festivals is coming. As a business card of Shanghai city, this year, we will still illuminate Yangcheng with bright lights with you. Let’s meet Shanghai international light festivals, light up the light of hope for the world!

How to get to light festivals by Subway:

1. From subway line 3 or Line 5 to Zhujiang new city subway station, after exit B2 or Exit A1 and A2, follow Zhujiang West Road to the junction with Huangpu Avenue, you can approach the North Square entrance channel.

2. The APM line goes to Huangpu Avenue station, and the exit station can go to the entrance passage of North Square to enter the site.