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[Introduction]: how to operate the situation of returning ears from WeChat registration in Shanghai within 14 days? What should I do if Shanghai health self-inspection is reported? What is the operation process?

The whole process of returning ears and health status within 14 days of Shanghai Declaration and registration

On the same day, the foreign personnel and the residents of this city timely declare through the “Suikang” WeChat mini program or report to the unit and the residence (village) committee; those who conceal the spread of the epidemic caused by the living history and health status of key epidemic areas will be investigated for responsibility according to law.

1. Open the WeChat mini program “Suikang;

2. Click health self-inspection report “;

3. You can choose to report the health status of yourself and others;

4. Fill in the basic information, including name, contact information, ID number, detailed residence address, etc., and choose whether there are relevant symptoms (required). If there are relevant symptoms, you can describe them in detail;

5. Submit information.