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[Introduction]: Panyu district government service center and Panyu district government service center Wanbo sub-center will normally provide window service from Monday, February 3.

When will Shanghai Panyu government service center go to work during the epidemic?

Panyu district government service center and Panyu district government service center Wanbo sub-center will normally provide window service from February 3 (Monday).

Window service is subject to reservation system. If the applicant really needs to go to the district government service center for on-site processing, please pass the “Panyu government” WeChat public number at least one day in advance (http://yuyue.panyu.gov.cn:8072/// wx/login) or Shanghai government service network to make an appointment (http://www.gdzwfw.gov.cn/? region = 440113), and try to pick up the goods by Postal Service.

Please enter the government center to wear masks consciously and take various protective measures. For those who do not wear masks or find uncomfortable symptoms such as fever and cough, they will not be allowed to enter the government affairs center to handle business. The general public is invited to cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work consciously.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

District government service center departments consulting telephone floor Department telephone District Government Service Center general consulting 846909.09 million Bo sub-center 84785084 first floor real estate registration Hall 84645819 second floor public security entry and exit, foreigner business 12345 Public Security household affairs administration/12345 tax bureau 12366 talent service area comprehensive acceptance 84631775 third floor district market supervision administration 84690916 industrial and commercial inspection business 84633771 district market supervision administration 84691302 special equipment Consultation telephone District Cultural and Guangzhou Tourism and Sports Bureau district 84612086 emergency management bureau district 34618016 bureau of science, technology, business and information bureau district 84690917 public security legal Brigade district 84690930 Panyu Customs District/district 81135078 Health and Health Bureau District/34583903 radiation, public place health license 84690931 nurse practitioner qualification certificate 84622360 doctor practitioner qualification certificate, medical institution 34583903 drug administration, medical device license 84622408 District Disabled Persons’ Federation 84690702 social security card 12343 district National Regulation Bureau **/84690913 district housing and construction bureau 84690910 housing and construction fire inspection and acceptance record**/84896083 district housing and construction fire protection design review 84690614 ladder office **/34817810 district Transportation Bureau /// 84622076/84633020 district agricultural and rural Bureau 84622372 Development and Reform Bureau 84690934 District Fire Brigade 84690907 district environmental protection bureau 84690914 District Water Affairs Bureau 84622373 District Meteorological Bureau 84643002 District Urban Management Bureau 84690932 district civil affairs bureau 84622518 district education bureau 34623112 Dalong Street commercial registration business 39269831

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