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Both sides are 17-year-old children. He thinks she is “open-minded” and wants her to make money by prostitution. She believes that villagers will introduce a good job of “having more money and relaxing, unable to persuade him to agree to” stand on the Street “. However, such a job was obviously not easy to do, so she quit. Unexpectedly, the fellow immediately turned his face, ran once and even threatened to chop off her fingers. She ran away again with a chance to dump the garbage. Fortunately, she met a security guard and called the police.

Recently, the 17-year-old boy was suspected of forcing the 17-year-old fellow villagers into prostitution, and the Xiang’an district procuratorate filed a public prosecution.

The “good work” said by fellow villagers turned out to be “standing on the street and recruiting”

A Mei, a Cheng and a Qiang are fellow villagers in Chongqing, and all three are only 17 years old. Last year, they stayed in Longhu, Jinjiang, but none of them had jobs. A Qiang heard that a Cheng had slept with a Mei and thought she was “bold”, so he proposed to a Cheng to take a Mei to prostitution.

At first, Acheng didn’t agree. He thought they were all fellow villagers, which was not good. However, under the insistence of a Qiang, he had to agree that the two discussed going to Xiang Anma Lane where a Qiang had been.

On October 3 last year, Acheng told May that she could find a job with more money and ease in Ma Xiang and asked her if she wanted to go together. May agreed immediately after hearing it and followed them to Ma Xiang that night.

After staying in the hotel, Acheng began to persuade May: “You can’t do anything without an ID card. Why don’t you stand on the street and go?” Of course, may didn’t agree, so a Qiang also came to persuade. The villagers had a hard time, but may actually agreed.

If you don’t accept the customer, you will threaten to chop your fingers and catch her when you run away.

May promised to engage in prostitution. The two teenagers were very happy. The next day, a Qiang contacted his friends. In the afternoon, they sent May to a store to “work.

After two days of work, may earned more than 800 yuan, and the money fell into the hands of a Qiang and A Cheng. A few days later, may didn’t want to do it and proposed to return to Jinjiang. After being rejected by a Qiang, she ran out crying, but a Qiang and A Cheng immediately took her back to the rental place.

In the following days, May was not less beaten. A Qiang even beat her with the flat part of knife of a machete, grabbed her hair and hit her against the wall. Even Acheng, who once had skinship, changed her face, threatened her with watermelon knife, and cut off her fingers if she didn’t receive guests.

On the morning of October 17 last year, she ran away by taking out the garbage. On the way, she happened to meet a security guard. She asked for help quickly. The security guard called the police for her.

Later, the police caught a Qiang in the rental house, and a Cheng surrendered under pressure. The two teenagers confessed to the criminal behavior, and the police attacked the store that retained Amei for prostitution. The suspects were arrested. (Note: all characters in this article are aliases.)