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When she fell, no one saw what was going on. As we all know, she was washing clothes with bare feet and there was a piece of water on the ground.

At noon yesterday, in Xinglin Qianchang village, a woman couldn’t afford to fall to the ground when washing clothes in the company dormitory. The doctor initially diagnosed it as electrocution.

▲Family members are heartbroken

Women’s washing clothes fall to the ground

At 5 pm yesterday, the entrance of the mortuary of Xinglin Hospital. “Mom! Mom!” A little girl has been crying in the open space at the door. A woman claimed to be the elder sister of the dead and kept bowed her head and crying.

The dead man’s husband walked out in Factory clothing with a gloomy look. “I was still at work at that time and ran home when I received the call.” He recalled that he saw his wife lying on the ground with bare feet when he entered the door before 1 pm. He picked up the phone trembling to call the police for help.

In the communication with the family members, the reporter of the guide learned that the deceased’s surname was LV, 28 years old this year, and the family lived in the company dormitory of Qianchang village; There were a pair of 8-year-old children of Dragon and Phoenix.

The husband of the deceased said that at the time of the incident, his wife should wash clothes at home, bare feet. When she was found, she was already lying on the ground, surrounded by water. “It may be that the washing machine leaks water, stepping on the water with bare feet, and is powered.” “When it was sent to the hospital, people were dark and important organs were burnt out.” The elder sister of the deceased choked and said that she was usually responsible for taking care of the children and sorting out the housework in the dormitory of the factory. “She is so nice. She helps me take children every day. How to say it is gone……”

It may be air conditioner leakage

In the emergency room of the hospital, the reporter of the guide found the doctor who participated in the rescue at that time. “When I haven’t delivered it, the person is already dead.” The doctor said that there was no sign of life at that time. The hospital rescued for about 40 minutes and finally declared death.

According to insiders, it may be the leakage of air conditioners in the home, causing tragedy.

The husband of the deceased told the reporter of the guide that he had been working in the company for more than 10 years. Two years ago, the family moved into the dormitory of the company. The air conditioner should also be installed by the company (or the company entrusted others) before. After the accident, he reflected this matter to the section chief of the company, and now he is waiting for the company’s reply.

Relevant departments have stepped in to investigate the matter.