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Affected by “canhong”, the maximum temperature can still reach 35 ℃-36 ℃ today and tomorrow, and the local temperature is 38 ℃.

[Yin Lei watching the sky]]

In high temperature days, citizens must do a good job of heatstroke prevention and cooling to avoid outdoor activities during high temperature periods at noon.

Face changing





Yesterday’s Jima island was sunny in the morning, cloudy in the afternoon, dark clouds in the afternoon, and burning clouds in the evening, which changed four times a day.

Yesterday, the high temperature record since this year was refreshed. The highest temperature in the urban area rose to ℃, and some areas outside the island exceeded 40℃-which was sent to us by typhoon “canhong.

Outside the island, Jimei School village high temperature reaches 40.4 ℃

The meteorological department released a high temperature forecast yesterday, pointing out that the city will maintain sunny and hot weather today and tomorrow, and the highest temperature in the afternoon can still reach 35℃-36℃, and the local area can reach 38℃.

The sky was blue in the daytime yesterday. Less than 9 o’clock, the temperature measured by the station of foxtail Mountain Meteorological Station reached 30℃, and then it soared all the way. At about 15 o’clock, the temperature reached a peak of ℃. The temperature of Jimei School village outside the island rose to ℃ around 16:00. Yesterday also became the fifth high temperature day in our city this year, and the high temperature (℃) was 2.3 ℃ higher than that of the “runner-up” on June 18. The dog days haven’t arrived yet. Xiamen has actually ushered in a high temperature day above 38℃, which is really rare.

“Canhong” peripheral sinking airflow brings high temperature

According to meteorologists, the island in midsummer often winds in the West before noon, sending heat like fire from the inland; After noon, the wind turns to the south, and the sea breeze cools the city, which is the “sea-land wind effect”. However, once this atmospheric circulation situation is destroyed, the southerly wind is delayed and heat keeps accumulating, the temperature will rise steadily. Yesterday, during the daytime, “canhong” marched towards the northwest, the center was 600-700 kilometers away from Xiamen, and the outward sinking airflow covered Xiamen. Near the typhoon eye is a strong air flow rising motion area, while the circulation around the Typhoon is the air flow sinking motion area. The rising air flow is easy to condense clouds to cause rain, and the areas affected by it will have heavy rain, sinking air flow will easily lead to sunny and hot weather. Therefore, the “sea-land wind effect” was destroyed and a new high temperature record was born. Therefore, although North Fujian and Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai are strictly guarding against the storm and rain that “canhong” may bring, for Xiamen, “canhong” is a hot typhoon.

Xiamen is often attacked by “fire Typhoon. Typhoon “Maisha” on the 9th of 2005 brought a rare “burning wind” to Xiamen on August 5 of that year. The temperature in Xiamen increased by 8.5 ℃ within 4 hours, and the highest temperature in the city reached 39 ℃ on that day, it became the highest temperature in Xiamen history at that time.

“Canhong” will keep our city sunny and hot today and tomorrow

At 12 o’clock yesterday, the maximum wind force near the “canhong” center reached 17. The flood control and drought relief headquarters of Fujian Provincial People’s Government officially launched the Typhoon II emergency response according to the “Fujian flood control and Typhoon Prevention emergency plan. As of 21:00 yesterday, the “canhong” center has moved to the sea surface of more than 600 kilometers northeast of Xiamen, which is a super typhoon level and moves northwest at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour.

It is expected that during the daytime today, “canhong” will land along the coast from Yuhuan, Zhejiang province to Mount Elephant. Today and tomorrow, Xiamen is still wrapped by the northerly airflow outside “canhong”, which will maintain sunny and hot weather. The highest temperature in the afternoon can still reach 35℃-36℃, and the local temperature can reach 38℃. The day after tomorrow, the influence of “canhong” weakened, the temperature dropped slightly, and the highest temperature could drop to 34℃.

Affected by “canhong”, today the wind power from Chongwu to Dongshan coastal sea will be enhanced to 7-8 level and Gust 9-10 level. Please pay attention to the relevant sea area operation vessels.

Weather in Xiamen for three days


Temperature: 27 ℃-36 ℃

Daytime: Cloudy

Night: Cloudy

Wind direction: westerly wind level 3-4

Air relative humidity: 50%-85%


Temperature: 27 ℃-35 ℃

All Day: Cloudy

Wind direction: southerly wind level 3

The Day After Tomorrow

Temperature: 27 ℃-34 ℃

All Day: Cloudy

Wind direction: southerly wind level 2-3