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With the advent of summer vacation, Xiamen has welcomed many tourists. As one of the most popular scenic spots for tourists, Xiamen University is extremely popular. However, Xiamen University’s restrictions on visitors made tourists worry: it’s too hot to queue up; It’s not easy to enter the school without queuing up. This situation can make a group of “leading scalpers” around Xiamen University happy. They said that they could avoid security checks and bring people into Xiamen University. The reporter of Morning News found that “leading the scalpers” into the campus is really amazing, and the fees are also divided: cheap, tourists may suffer from some flesh; Expensive, not only can I enter Xiamen University by car, but also the tour guide can explain for free.


Regardless of safety, a woman wearing a skirt was climbing. Reporter Lei Yi photo


Sweet meat mat, bring people to climb the wall to school

Price: 10 yuan-20 yuan

At 2:10 yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw at the gate of qunxian School in Xiaoxi village that although the tourist channel had been closed, dozens of tourists who wanted to enter the school still gathered outside the gate.

According to the announcement posted by the school, from 12:00 to 14:00 from Monday to Friday, the number of tourists in the school gate and the university gate is limited to 1,000. On weekends and from Monday to Friday, 17: after 30 is not restricted. In other words, if the reporter wants to enter Xiamen University in a formal way, he has to wait for more than 3 hours.

“Do you want to enter Xiamen University? Hand in some money, I can take you in.” Seeing the reporter watching, five or six “scalpers” quickly gathered up. At the beginning, “scalpers” offered 20 yuan. After some bargaining, “scalpers” reduced the transportation fee of 20 yuan to 10 yuan.

In order to find out the mystery, the reporter followed one of the “scalpers” from the Yanwu Road to the University Road. In an enclosed area, the “Scalper” stopped and put his feet on the fence, letting the reporter climb into the campus with his feet on it. The reporter noticed that the tip of some fences had been damaged.

“Don’t be afraid, many girls have climbed in. I don’t know how many people I took to climb the fence one day. Nothing happened.” Seeing the reporter hesitating, the “Scalper” constantly encouraged.

Soon after, several “scalpers” brought tourists here. One of the female tourists climbed over in a short skirt and paid 20 yuan after entering school.


Teach people to act or drive people

Price: 20 yuan-150 yuan

The reporter refused the “Scalper” because he could not climb the wall “. Later, the “Scalper”, also known as himself and the security guard, allowed the reporter to enter the campus openly. “Xiamen University has 8 school gates. We can change the school gate and enter.” “Scalper” patted his chest and said.

Later, the “Scalper” found an electric car and asked the reporter to sit in the back seat, racing all the way from Xianda West Village to Xianda White City.

“If you do it my way, you will definitely get in.” Before entering the school gate, the “Scalper” repeatedly told the reporter not to wear sunglasses when entering the door, covering his face a little umbrella, and the security guard would not ask. As soon as the reporter left, “Scalper” hid. Sure enough, the reporter successfully entered the campus according to the tricks taught by this “Scalper. After entering the school, the reporter found that this is the teachers’ dormitory area. If you want to walk from the dormitory area to the teaching area, it takes about 40 minutes to walk.

In addition, the reporter noticed that the security guard at the southeast gate did not check the documents, and private cars and taxis could also enter the campus. This is also the way for scalpers to call “high-end entrance to school”. Three people are charged 40 to 50 yuan per person in a car, and one trip will earn 100 yuan. If a tour guide is required, the fee for each person is 150 yuan.

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