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Today, the train operation of Xiamen Railway Station and Xiamen North Railway Station has all returned to normal. The passenger flow of Xiamen railway hub during the summer transportation is always rising, especially the Hefu High-speed railway, which has just been opened for half a month, is even more popular with passengers. In order to meet the travel needs of passengers, Nanchang Railway Bureau added high-speed trains and summer tourist-dedicated train again.

It is reported that from July 14, Xiamen North Railway Station will open a pair of high-speed EMU to and from Wuyi Mountain, starting from Xiamen North Railway Station at 7:40 and arriving at Wuyi Mountain North railway station at 10:46. 20:00 from Wuyishan East Railway Station, 23:00 to Xiamen North Railway Station. It is understood that during the summer trip, Nanchang Railway Bureau will also open a special train for the “summer trip to the east of Guan” to Shanhaiguan and Shenyang on tourist-dedicated train, July 19 and August 3. On July 4 and August 16, the train will go to Turpan, the “Silk Road flower language Tour” in Urumqi.