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Since the “single window” of International Trade in Xiamen area of Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone was officially put into operation in April 21 this year, “single window” has been an important part of the construction of international business environment in our city, driving Xiamen port trade facilitation to the road of “Internet Plus. The reporter learned from the Xiamen District Management Committee of Fujian free trade experimental zone that under the high attention of the municipal Party committee and the active cooperation of various port departments, since the operation of “single window”, 2416 customs declaration tickets have been successfully completed, 478 customs declaration tickets have been submitted, the data declaration simplification rate has reached 32.7%, and the declaration efficiency has been improved by more than 50%.

On the platform portal website, the international “single window”, which brings together many port departments such as customs, inspection and quarantine, border inspection, maritime affairs and so on, bears many heavy responsibilities, in the past, business processes that had to be handled by several departments went back and forth were handled in parallel through this platform, which effectively simplified the declaration process, reduced repeated entry of similar data items, and promoted International Trade in Xiamen area to the fast lane.

The platform developer, the relevant person in charge of Xiamen district electronic Port Co., Ltd. in Fujian free trade experimental zone, told the reporter that after the project went online, the results began to show and the enterprise benefited a lot. The customs declaration and inspection system of the pilot free trade zone has realized the auxiliary management department of the park.

System, customs declaration pre-entry system and inspection system once input, information sharing, data entry simplification rate of more than 32.7%, combined with Xiamen customs and Xiamen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau paperless customs clearance business reform, the declaration time of import and export goods was reduced from 4 hours to 10-20 minutes. The integrated system of ship joint inspection has covered all vessel import and export declarations in Xiamen. Four units, customs, inspection and quarantine, border inspection and maritime affairs, rely on “single window” to realize cross-departmental parallel operations, the declaration time of ship inspection and quarantine has been shortened from 50 minutes to 5 minutes.

At present, the “single window” of International Trade in Xiamen area is targeting international advanced “single window” such as Singapore, extending the connotation of service and expanding the depth of service. At the same time, the developer will also cooperate with port departments such as customs inspection to use mobile Internet technology and develop mobile application functions. In order to enable Xiamen enterprises to better explore the international market, the “single window” of International Trade in Xiamen area is based on the docking with Taiwan customs trade network and Jiangxi electronic port, we are discussing the interconnection and information sharing with ports along the Belt and Road Initiative.