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■ citizens: trekking people’s high-profile rampage is too noisy and interferes with others’ walking rights

■ Department: The masses are not prohibited from exercising, but they will remind or advise not to interfere with others.

■ doctor: fast walking is not suitable for everyone, especially children should pay more attention

When encountering “quick Walker”, other citizens can only give way.

In addition to adults, there are also “children’s riot Group”.

In places such as Bailuzhou Park, sports center, wuyuanbay, Xianyue Mountain, etc., every morning at six or seven o’clock or eight or nine o’clock in the evening, you can see the massive marching team. They are playing loud music, shouting slogans, stride forward with the banner.

They call themselves “hiking”, while citizens call them “quick Walker”. It is understood that this group has grown from the earliest few people to more than 2,000 people. The citizen hotline of this newspaper received calls from citizens more than 5589999 times, complaining that “quick Walker” not only disturbed the people but also seized public activity spaces such as runways.

Recently, reporters went to the place where they often move to observe the movement mode of this group closely.

[Reporter investigation]]

When you encounter a huge group of hikers, others can only give way

● time 19:40 location: Sports Center

The whole stadium is like a rock and roll ballroom. Others can only enter the space and run past it.

Last night, the reporter came to the sports center and saw a group of people gathered in front of the gate No. 1 south of the basketball court. In the noise, several people wearing yellow sportswear were directing and registering. 20 minutes later, the more than one hundred people were divided into three groups, holding a big flag and shouting the slogan “one two, come on”. Lockstep strode along the runway.

Among the three teams, one person was in charge of the command in the front, middle and rear positions. The conductor was tied with small horn on his waist, playing rock music with strong rhythm. They shouted slogans every time they walked around. The reporter noticed that the speed of the three teams was extremely fast. One of the team members followed one, and there was no vacancy in the middle. Other people who wanted to enter the sports were blocked off the field and could only wait patiently for the team to walk through, jump in the air and run quickly.

On the cement road inside the plastic runway, there was also a “children’s group”. One person in front was holding a big flag, and three or five adults in yellow clothes next to him were playing music while shouting the command. The adult team walked 8 rounds in total, and the “children group” walked 4 rounds. Wherever they go, the music will ring. The whole sports center is like a rock ballroom.

● time 20:00 location: Bailuzhou Park

The marching team always keeps the formation, the music keeps on, and the slogan is not only

One or two, come on! One or two, win!” At Bailuzhou Park the night before yesterday, more than 100 people were divided into 3 teams and walked around the periphery of the park. They followed the dynamic music, shouting slogans and striding forward, throwing up their hands one after another.

According to the reporter’s observation, all the three teams have “leaders”, and many people are wearing yellow clothes. The team occupied more than half of the road, and all the fast-moving people were sweating profusely, but they always kept the formation. The three teams walked for about an hour in a row and walked for 6 laps. During the process, the music kept on and the slogans were not stopped, and the whole park could even be heard on the road.

Mr. Su, the leader of the brisk walk, said that the hiking team in Bailuzhou Park was just established in May this year. There were less than ten people originally, and now hundreds of people have participated.

● time 17:40 location: Xianyue Mountain

Other citizens can only give way

Every day from 6:30 to 7:30, from 18:00 to 19:00, a group of people marching vigorously can be seen in Xianyue Mountain from the land Temple. In the evening of the day before yesterday, when the reporter came to the land temple of Xianyue Mountain, a group of people who walked quickly gathered here. They lined up neatly and divided into three small squares to walk up the mountain.

The reporter found that the three squares were grouped according to fast, medium and slow. Each team had two leaders and two leaders, who led the way at the front of the team, the team leader is responsible for maintaining order in the team and correcting the pace and wrong gestures of the team members.

“Our main route is to take three trips back and forth along the sports lane next to land Temple, totaling 6.8 kilometers.” A leader told the reporter. The crowd in the team was in a row, and the gestures and steps were uniform. The reporter calculated that the fast group walked back and forth three times in less than 50 minutes, and the slow Group also completed the whole process within one hour.

The reporter noticed that in the process of “hiking”, in addition to the massive surprise of other citizens who went up the mountain, the whole team could only give way because of the “non-stop.