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At about 4 o’clock yesterday, a material recycling company covered with iron sheet caught fire near the West viewing City of Huangdi, the main road around the island. Fortunately, the evacuation was timely and there were no casualties at the scene. However, there was a shortage of water at the scene, and the fire was laid with a hose water hose 1 kilometer, and the open flame was put out two hours later.

After the open flame is put out, the smoke is still very large. Seven Seas aerial photography

The scene was full of fire. Correspondent drawing

Sudden fire

The abnormal noise outside the window woke up grandma

“Get up, the opposite side is on fire.” At about 4 o’clock yesterday, a woman heard the crackling sound from outside in her sleep near the viewing City of Huangdi Haixi, the main road around the island. She got up and opened the curtains, and the opposite material recycling company caught a fire. Aunt hurriedly woke up the family to report to the police and informed the family and neighbors to evacuate quickly.

Mr. Xie, a resident, introduced that the window was full of red light at that time, and many residents could smell the burning smell when pushing the window. Many residents also quickly evacuated from their homes to safe areas. It is reported that due to timely evacuation, there were no casualties at the scene.

Fire fighting

22 fire engines rushed to the scene

The reporter learned that after receiving the alarm, the municipal fire brigade quickly mobilized 6 Squadron and 22 fire engines to the scene for disposal. When the fire officers and soldiers arrived at the scene, they found that the fire plant was a single-storey simple building with steel structure, and the fire on the scene was in the stage of fierce combustion. Due to the burning of the fire, some factories collapsed.

Li Yin, the on-site fire police officer, introduced that the burning material recycling company mainly processed waste paper, and a large number of paper skins were piled up in the factory, which made the fire spread rapidly, it ignited a sporting goods warehouse and a timber warehouse around, among which the timber factory area was relatively small.

Urgent water supply

Water diversion fire extinguishing with 1 kilometer water hose

In the process of extinguishing the fire, the fire officers and soldiers found that there was a shortage of water around the fire plant. The commander immediately dispatched personnel to lay water hose along the fire hydrant one kilometer away from both sides of the factory building and put out the fire by drinking water. At 06:26, the open flame was basically extinguished.

However, there is still smoke at the scene. Li Yin, a fire police officer, said that the substance in the fire factory was mainly paper skin. The stacking of multiple paper skins caused serious internal smoldering, and water could not enter and it was not easy to completely put out the fire. At 09:25 A.M. in the afternoon, the detachment coordinated an excavator to the site for reinforcement. The excavator piled up the paper skin and dug it. The fire officers and soldiers sprayed the excavated area to speed up the smoldering disposal. As of 12 o’clock yesterday, the fire officers and soldiers were still on the spot to carry out the clean-up work.