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Huli district, the only child admitted to college this year, hurry to the community to get money! Among them, non-low-income households admitted to “985” or “211” universities can get 5,000 yuan per person; However, as long as they are admitted to undergraduate, low-income families can get 24,000 yuan.

The government of Huli district recently issued the Notice on reward and support measures for the only-child families in Huli district, one of which is school support.

The notice stipulates that only children from non-minimum living families who take the college entrance examination to “985” or “211” universities will be given a one-time reward of 5,000 yuan, and those who enter full-time graduate students will be given a one-time reward of 10,000 yuan; the only child in the low-income families who are admitted to the full-time undergraduate school will be given 6,000 yuan of assistance every year until they graduate from university (4 years), and 4000 yuan of assistance will be given to the full-time junior college every year, until Graduation (3 years).

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