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As of March this year, Xiamen had 103 venture capital institutions with registered capital of 7.7 billion; 246 private equity investment institutions with registered capital of 27.695 billion yuan; In addition, there are 3 foreign private equity institutions with registered capital of 0.4 billion US dollars. Yesterday, Xiamen Daily newspaper and Xiamen Finance Bureau jointly hosted the Xiamen venture capital industry development symposium to discuss how Xiamen venture capital and private equity participate in promoting local entrepreneurship under the background of mass entrepreneurship and innovation.

At the venture capital industry symposium, everyone expressed their views. Xiamen Daily reporter Huang Rong photo

Give consideration to small teams

If you want PE and VC, you need angel investment.

At present, the government guiding fund has become an important tool for the government to promote the development of equity investment market and promote innovation and entrepreneurship. This year, Xiamen took the lead in setting up a government industry guidance fund of tens of billions in Fujian, and the first batch of 7 sub-funds to be shared has been approved.

However, in the view of Huang Guohua, the founder of Yipin Weike, at present, government-guided funds are more inclined to invest in relatively mature start-ups with a certain scale, there is little interest in those small micro-enterprises that are still in the public innovation space. “These entrepreneurial teams need support most. Can the tens of billions of guiding funds take out 0.25 billion yuan and each one invests 500,000 yuan, support 500 entrepreneurial teams?”

As the trustee of Xiamen municipal government’s guiding fund, Xue He, chairman of Xiamen Venture Capital Corporation, fully agrees with this view. However, limited by objective conditions, the first batch of 7 holder funds of government-guided funds have not been invested at Angel level. She said that although angel investment has a small amount of funds for a single investment, the probability of investment failure is also high, which requires tolerance of failure. However, the current government-guided fund management method is not applicable, “I hope that in the future, we can specially formulate management methods that tolerate failures and apply them to Angel-level funds”.

The city is small and beautiful

Suitable for incubation life projects

NI Yingwei is the partner of Longling investment. Over the years, he has invested many entrepreneurs in Xiamen together with Cai Wensheng, a famous angel investor. Meitu Xiuxiu, synchronous push, Flying Fish Technology, 4399, Xinxin tourism, PBA, behind these well-known local Internet enterprises, there are long leading investment figures. Therefore, Xiamen has a place in the national Internet investment circle.

NI Yingwei believes that investment institutions will have their own preferences. Longling investment prefers projects that improve personal life and actively invests in local entrepreneurs. He observed that since 4399 and Meitu Xiuxiu in 2009, the direction of Internet investment in Xiamen has changed to entrepreneurs who provide services around individuals, rather than the companies of service enterprises such as Internet and meibco in the past 35.

“Xiamen is a small and beautiful city, and it has the opportunity to sell lifestyle to people all over the country.” Longling investment believes that Xiamen is more suitable for guiding such entrepreneurial projects. NI Yingwei said that Beijing does not have many preferential policies for IT enterprises. However, among the three Internet investment Highlands in Hangzhou, Shenzhen and Xiamen, Hangzhou tends to be e-commerce, while Shenzhen tends to be integrated, entrepreneurs who provide services for individuals have greater opportunities in Xiamen. He also revealed that he was moving several projects invested in Beijing to Xiamen. (Reporter Lu rite and moriality)