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At about 01:10 this morning, Mr. Chen, a citizen, called our citizen hotline 5589999 to report. At the gate of Wenping Villa gas station in Wen Zeng Road, a white Mitsubishi car crashed into kerbstone, and the front wheel was crashed, he also rushed forward for 100 meters and crashed five cars one after another. The driver may be suspected of drunk driving.

According to witnesses at the scene, among the five cars that were hit, four of them were private cars parked on the roadside and one was a driving taxi. The accident caused five cars to be damaged to varying degrees. Among them, the head of the Mitsubishi car that caused the accident was smashed. The driver of the accident smelled of alcohol and suffered minor head injuries. After escaping 20 to 30 meters, he was recovered by the masses. Then he was taken to the hospital by the police for a wine test.

At about 9 o’clock this morning, the reporter learned from the police media hotline that the driver of the accident was suspected of drunk driving. At present, the police are still conducting further investigation and handling of the accident.