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In the past two days, heavy rain hit Xiamen, especially yesterday’s storm, which led to many accumulated water inside and outside Xiamen Island. Some sections of the island and passages entering and leaving the island once experienced slow traffic.

The area of the road is water into a “river”, vehicles pass by, and water splashes everywhere.


Multiple water accumulation vehicles move slowly

Yesterday morning, some sections of Xiamen had accumulated water, and some of the roads into the island also had long queues of traffic due to accidents and heavy traffic.

Affected by the rainfall, at about 7 am yesterday, the traditional Chinese medicine hospital of Xianyue road turned to the culvert of Yanwu Bridge, Chenggong Avenue, with serious water accumulation and traffic impassability.

At 07:20 yesterday, the “four bridges and one tunnel” entering and leaving the island could basically pass normally. But at about 07:40, the traffic of Haicang Bridge began to move slowly in the direction of entering the island. Around 8 o’clock, there were many slow cars in the armed police detachment section in Xiang’an direction of Xianyue elevated. At the same time, Xianyue elevated Haicang direction Culture and Art Center section also appeared the situation of more slow traffic, the vehicle was blocked in the traffic as soon as it went on the ramp.

Starting at more than 8 o’clock yesterday, the density of traffic flow in the direction of Xiang’an tunnel entering the island was high, and the traffic flow once queued up to Xiang’an Avenue. Around 08:40, 4 cars rear-end at 200 meters from the Xiang’an tunnel into the island, resulting in increased congestion. At the same time, the accident of 3 car rear-end collision and 2 car scraping occurred in the direction of Xinglin bridge entering the island, causing the traffic flow in the direction of Xinglin bridge entering the island to be stranded.

In addition, there is a large area of water accumulation in the Lianban turntable (near the side of Mingfa Commercial Square), and the vehicle slowly passes through the water, causing the traffic to move slowly. In the direction of the railway station, many vehicles were blocked here because of the accumulated water on the road and the occupation road construction. The Morning News reporter learned that at more than 9 am, there were 7 No. 129 buses blocked between the bus station of Lv Hui and the bus station of shuanghan intersection.


Construction site water accumulation car trapped

Although there was heavy rain yesterday, there was no water accumulation in the negative layer of Xiamen North Railway Station, which was often seriously accumulated when there was heavy rain. Mr. Guo, who opened a shop nearby, said that he parked his car here every day, “it was raining last time and there was serious water accumulation here. My car almost went into the water. I didn’t expect that there was no water accumulation this time”.

Jimei flood control and drought relief headquarters introduced: “In the past, when it rained heavily, there must be water accumulation on the negative floor of the North Railway Station. After the last big water accumulation, the relevant departments dispatched staff to rectify the problem of water accumulation in North Station. Now, as long as it rains, there will be staff to pump water on site in time, so there is no water accumulation this time.”

At more than 10 o’clock yesterday morning, when a car passed a construction site near Jimei North station, the water flooded the tires and soaked half of the body, causing the car to shut down. Because the water depth nearby was uncertain, the driver did not dare to move forward, so he had to call the police for help.

According to reports, this low-lying area was caused by the recent construction, so the nearby residents were caught off guard. After receiving the police from Houxi police station, the police rushed to the scene and found that the water depth was close to the thigh of the person. With the help of the police, the driver slowly got out of trouble from the cab, and then followed the police to the safety zone.


The road surface of the main road is a “river”

“It rained heavily, and the road was flooded.” Yesterday, the public reported to the reporter that the 324 National Highway and Tong’an main road leading to the island-the water near Tongji Road junction was seriously accumulated, and the passing vehicles aroused more than one meter of water.

At 11:30 in the morning, the reporter came to this intersection and saw that there was a dozens of meters long water accumulation area on the right lane, and the passing vehicles slowed down and walked slowly through the intersection one after another.

Mr. Chen, a merchant in a nearby store, told reporters that water began to accumulate at the intersection around 9:30, causing inconvenience for vehicles and pedestrians. He said that the high side of the intersection is low, and the drainage is not smooth, resulting in “light rain, small flood, heavy rain and flood”.

In this regard, the staff of Tong’an district highway branch said that from the night before, there was water accumulation in this section, and the staff of engineering department had rushed to the scene to drain water. “This intersection was originally drained smoothly. Later, more and more houses were built around. The terrain was raised, the road surface became lower, and the drainage was not smooth. Inspectors have found problems and are stepping up the drainage.”