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The wonderful trend of A shares this week is enough to go down in history: On Monday, the price of one thousand shares rose and the price of one thousand shares fell; On Tuesday, the price of one thousand shares fell and the price of one thousand shares was suspended at night; On Wednesday, at the opening, thousands of shares fell again. At the closing, thousands of shares fell, and thousands of shares were suspended. All contracts of the three futures indexes fell. On Thursday, thousands of shares were suspended, closing thousands of shares rose, gem rose, all contracts of the three futures indexes have a daily limit; On Friday, thousands of shares were suspended and thousands of shares have a daily limit.

Yesterday, a shares continued to rebound. The Shanghai index was popular and continued to rise sharply. It once reached 3959.22 points in the session. As of the close, the Shanghai index rose 4.54% to 3877.80 points, while the GEM index rose 4.11%.

In terms of the plate, except for the banking and financial sectors, which were slightly weak, the rest of the plates were strongly raised, and 27 plates such as aerospace, nonferrous metals and the Internet were up and down.

In terms of individual stocks, except for the 1382 stocks suspended, only 7 of the remaining 1300 stocks fell, with more than 1,200 stocks rising, “Five major banks” and “two barrels of oil” are under pressure.

In the past month, after a tragic short-term crisis of deleveraging and liquidity, with the orderly entry of rescue funds, the gradual return of short-term market valuation, the increase of suspended companies, the suspension of IPO, measures such as encouraging listed companies to increase their holdings, the liquidity of the stock market ushered in a state from exhaustion to short-run equilibrium.

In terms of deleveraging, as of July 8, the balance of the two financial services had been sharply reduced to 1.46 trillion, accounting for about 2.8% of the current market value. In addition, the survey results of off-site allocation of funds showed that the highly leveraged part had been basically removed.

The market is expected to restore rationality.

Societe Generale Securities believes that the most panic period is over, the negative cycle of sharp falls will be broken, and the market is expected to recover its rationality from the panic-like “Killing More,” Market bottom “will gradually form in suspicion and emotional repetition. The government’s “rescue” is only to stabilize the market in the medium term. In the short term, it may “overcorrect”, but it will move towards a volatile market and individual stock market.

Yang Boguang, chief investment of Xiamen business department of Dongguan Securities, said that after the market is deleveraging, it is equivalent to starting to calculate the rising mode again. Investors are still living in the shadow of the previous decline, thinking about the rebound to find selling points, the more alert the market is, the faster it rises. After the stock index rebounded on the technical side, the desire to close positions and short positions began to increase. However, after the second search, the stock index will continue to attack.

“Market confidence gradually recovered, and leverage was effectively reduced during the early decline. At the same time, individual stocks were at a low level. A large amount of funds outside the market was the biggest force to do more.” Du hongqu, the sales department of Hubin North Road of Changjiang Securities, said that the market had a big fall this week, and the rise and fall of the index had caused great fluctuations in investors’ sentiment. However, under the strong impetus of the policy, the index had a long decline, and in the case of suspension of trading of a large number of companies, a large amount of transactions were released. The risk of market collapse had been effectively curbed, and the alarm of forced closing was basically lifted. However, the long-waiting OTC funds began to flood into the market, the market will go further in the future. Du hongqu suggested that investors hold shares or actively enter to buy stocks. (Reporter Zhong Baokun)