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Yesterday morning, the starting point was Tong’an City District and the ending point was Jixing Seawall. The 17.7-kilometer-long Tongji road upgrading and reconstruction project was carried out as scheduled. After the renovation is completed, the time will be shortened by at least half without traffic lights when entering the island from Tongan. However, as the enclosure began one after another, the “pains” during the construction also came. On the first day of enclosure construction, the traffic of vehicles was affected and congestion appeared.

After the enclosure, the vehicle is blocked into a mass. Taken by reporter Dong Chunhui

At about 10 o’clock yesterday, on the road about 10 meters away from the traffic light at the intersection of Lin Yao Road and Tongji Road, the construction party is carrying out enclosure construction. The yellow water horse were arranged neatly along the lane rope, and the cement pier was hanging along the hook machine and placed on the road orderly along the water horse. However, from Tong’an industrial concentration zone to Tong’an West Lake community, vehicles began to appear congestion.

At 14:00 yesterday, the reporter came to the intersection of Tongji Road and Second Ring Road and found that the north side of the intersection was standing up. The reporter saw that field staff was operating large machinery, putting the heavy stones on the trailer on the ground and surrounding a road with a length of about 40 meters and a width of about 18 meters. In This enclosure, the construction team will build two piers in the future. The reporter noticed that the enclosure crossed both sides of the road and occupied six lanes in total. Vehicles had to take auxiliary roads, thus reducing the traffic efficiency. Due to the traffic lights at the intersection, as the working hours approach, the number of vehicles on the road gradually increases, stretching for two or three kilometers.

Field staff told reporters that the most congested situation will appear next year. “There will be three fences between the bus station Tong’an industrial concentration zone station and the Third Hospital station in the city. Two will be built within the year, and the last one will be built near the Third Hospital station in the city next year, at that time, one side of the road will be completely closed and will be more congested.” Field staff said.

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Travel Choice Bus driving try to bypass

In recent days, the overall upgrading and reconstruction project of Tongji Road has started enclosure construction one after another. The total construction period is expected to be 18 months, and traffic will be affected.

Mr. Xu, a staff member of Xiamen Baicheng Construction Investment Co., Ltd., said that the construction unit would take various measures to alleviate congestion. “First of all, transform the local green belt into a temporary passage to increase the lane; Secondly, set up traffic indicator in time to guide vehicles to pass; Finally, recommend detour routes to drivers.” Mr. Xu, a staff member, said that the time for road upgrading and transformation was the painful period of the city. He hoped that the majority of drivers would obey the traffic rules and travel in a civilized way. You can also choose bus travel as much as possible, avoid construction sections as much as possible when driving, and choose detour.