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The Minnan folk proverb says “there is no platform in June 7, and there is no way for rain”. It means that when the typhoon arrives in midsummer, it will bring a lot of rain, otherwise it will be hard to see rain. But sometimes, when a typhoon comes, it may not bring wind and rain, but it will bring hot days. Since last Friday, our city has been controlled by the sinking airflow outside the “canhong” Typhoon, resulting in continuous high temperature weather, which has refreshed the high temperature record this year. The Meteorological Department predicts that as “canhong” goes away, the influence of the north-side airflow will weaken in the next three days, and the temperature in our city will drop significantly, and there may be showers or thunderstorms in the afternoon.


The weather is hot, and children play with water in the Children’s Palace to relieve summer heat. (Taken by our reporter Wang Xianyun)

Citizens go out “armed”.

Yesterday, Xiamen was still a high temperature Day (daily maximum temperatures was not lower than 35 ℃), and the highest temperature in the city reached 36.1 ℃, which was the third consecutive day of high temperature. The temperature was higher in many places outside the island, and the highest temperature reached ℃ around 13:00 yesterday Jimei School village.

“Why do you have poor families in summer moon? Guests only give north window wind.” The north wind always blows cold in our impression, but in the Midsummer Island, the situation is just the opposite. The continuous north-side air flow destroyed the “sea-land wind effect”, making the South-side wind unable to transport the cool and refreshing sea into it. On the contrary, it kept pushing the rolling heat waves inland, so the temperature would continue to rise.

As “canhong” is far away, the influence of northerly airflow will tend to end, and the high temperature weather will come to an end for the time being. In the next three days, our city will focus on Cloudy Times, which is prone to showers or thunderstorms in the afternoon. The highest temperature in the city can drop to 32 ℃ to 33 ℃ during the day, and the lowest temperature in the morning and night will also drop to about 26 ℃.

Weather in Xiamen for three days


Temperature: 26℃-33℃

Daytime: cloudy, with showers or thundershowers in some areas in the afternoon

Night: Cloudy

Wind direction: southerly wind level 2-3

Air relative humidity: 55%-85%


Temperature: 26℃-33℃

All Day: cloudy, with showers or thundershowers in the afternoon

Wind direction: southerly wind level 2-3

The Day After Tomorrow

Temperature: 26℃-32℃

All Day: Cloudy, local areas in the afternoon

With showers or thundershowers

Wind direction: southerly wind level 2-3