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Xie Shouheng, who has lived in Yangtai mountain for more than ten years, has been troubled by the difficult situation of water use at home for many years. On the afternoon of the 15th, when he was invited to participate in the on-site meeting of water supply network transformation and land coordination on the green land beside the community, his frowned brow finally stretched out: “The stone in his heart finally landed, as long as the water pump room is built, things in our community will soon come to fruition, and we will no longer be water users in the future.”

On July 15, the staff of relevant units coordinated in the No. 2 residential area of Xiangshan Road to solve the problem of difficult water use.

There are more than 110 households in the No. 2 residential area of Xiangshan Road, where Xie Shouheng lives. This residential area is a secondary water supply residential area, which uses a low pool and a roof water tank to supply water, due to the serious aging of the internal pressurizing equipment and water supply pipelines in this community, there are phenomena such as unstable water supply and water loss. When the peak of water is used, the faucet at home can’t get out of water, and the water pipes are aged and rusted, the tap water is turbid, so you can only buy bottled water for draught. On the 15th, when he and other residents of the community reflected this problem to Wang Menghui, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and secretary of the municipal Party committee, this problem was solved by the on-site coordination of the Secretary.

Solve the problem of water pump house land on site

On the afternoon of the residents’ visit, the municipal gardens, District Construction Bureau, streets, communities, water groups and other departments of Siming District coordinated the area to solve the land use problem of water pump houses on the spot.

“In the construction of this plot, this pump house is 7 meters long and 4 meters wide, and it takes about 30 square meters of land.” There is a green space next to Xiaoxiao Academy, which is more than 100 meters away from community No. 2, balcony Mountain Road. It is the most suitable location for building water pump rooms around the community, the staff of water group held further discussions with the municipal garden department of Siming district with the design plan.

Xie Shouheng on the side listened carefully and kept on heading. “The land use problem has been solved, and the construction can begin soon. The residents of our community are looking forward to the early arrival of this day.” He said that although No. 2 Xiangshan Road belongs to a residential area without property management, residents have set up autonomous groups. Everyone has a strong consensus on solving the problem of water use difficulties. “The problem of water use concerns every household, after preliminary investigation, most residents are willing to pay for the transformation.”

It is estimated that 250,000 yuan will be supplemented by awards.

At the coordination meeting site, Siming district also introduced to the residents in detail the “implementation plan for upgrading the secondary water supply facilities of old residential buildings in Siming district” issued in 2014. According to this plan, if the secondary water supply facilities of the old residential buildings built before 2001 are upgraded and upgraded, you can enjoy the “award for compensation” policy of Siming district.

“According to Siming district’s policy of” replacing compensation with awards “, our community is expected to enjoy the maximum reward amount of 250,000 yuan, and the shortage is solved by more than 110 residents in the community.” Xie Shouheng calculated the account to the reporter.

Siming district said that in Yangtai Mountain community, there are about 806 secondary water supply facilities in 10 old residential areas that need to be urgently renovated, just No. 2-28, balcony mountain road. With the secondary water supply management being incorporated into the “Award-based supplement” project jointly created by Beautiful Xiamen, No. 9, No. 11, balcony Mountain Road, Wanshou Garden, drum therapy complex building, residential quarters such as dormitory buildings of housing management office in Siming district have been renovated, and the amount of renovation is about 1.2 million yuan.

With the solution of land use problem and project cost, the construction of new water pump house in No. 2 residential area of Xiangshan Road is about to start. Water Group said that the entire construction period is expected to be more than one month.