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After living in the house for several years, he suddenly withdrew the rent; Overnight, he took away all the luggage. Xu Moumin seemed to be ready to leave before the incident.

Yesterday, the reporter of the guide found the house rented by Xu in front of people’s livelihood. The landlord did not know what had happened and said, “I can’t find him either.”

The place where Xu rented before people’s livelihood

According to the situation reported by the police, Xu lived temporarily in Xihu village, Xinmin town, Tong’an before people’s livelihood. Under the guidance of insiders in the village, the reporter of the guide found the rental house rented by Xu before Minsheng. In this house near the village entrance, Xu lived on the 5th floor in front of people’s livelihood. “Everyone is busy at ordinary times and seldom deals with each other.” A resident downstairs told the reporter of the guide that they had only moved here for more than a month and were not familiar with other residents. On weekdays, everyone went out to work during the day and came back one after another in the evening.

The reporter of the guide pulled the iron door of the rental house and locked it tightly. After waiting for more than half an hour, no one went in or out.

As for Xu, even the landlord has no impression. “I lived for several years, but I only met once.” The landlord recalled on the phone that he had no impression of Xu Moumin basically, only knowing that he seemed to be a “Mo’s” driver. Living here alone, there is no family together.

A few days before the incident, he suddenly found the landlord and couldn’t say anything, because the house had not expired, and the landlord also refunded his rent of tens of yuan. After that, Xu Moumin quickly collected the luggage. “I haven’t even returned the key to me, and I can’t find anyone now.” The landlord complained that Xu Moumin didn’t explain before he left.

The landlord said that someone (the police) came on the 17th, the door opened, and the luggage inside was gone.