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Points admission schedule

● July 28-30: all districts publicize admission points

● August 7-8: each district announces the degree information and fills in the volunteer assignment.

● August 12: computer admission

At present, all districts in Xiamen have basically completed the on-site confirmation of points admission. The municipal education bureau said yesterday that foreign babies who meet the basic conditions can “squeeze” into public offices and go to school in grade non-governmental primary school this year. However, Siming, Lake and Jimei basically have no degree to give foreign children who do not meet the basic conditions-these foreign children can not enter public schools, and may not even be able to attend private schools.

“Basic Conditions” refer to: to study on the island, the father or mother has worked in the building in the last two years, has social security, temporary residence, and conforms to the family planning policy (including illegal family planning but accepts fines); to study outside the island, the above conditions must be over one year.

The municipal education bureau introduced the enrollment situation of points yesterday. The enrollment method of points is mainly children living with the rural migrant workers in cities (including the city’s cross-district) to apply for the first grade of non-governmental primary school in Xiamen. The scores of points include temporary residence, work, social Security period, family planning, real estate, etc.

1. Parents with different degrees in the area can choose to adjust

This year, there were 24204 children who signed up for the admission of points in our city, an increase of more than 1,000 compared with last year. There were 20022 people who met the basic conditions of points, an increase of 3361 compared with last year. According to the municipal education bureau, it is predicted that the total number of degrees (including private schools) in the city can basically meet the enrollment needs of 20022 people this year.

However, the degree in this area is uneven this year. Even in Xiang’an district, where the study pressure is not so great, the study pressure in Xindian and Ma Xiang is still tight, and the degree gap in major urban areas in other districts is still large, most of the children who move with them have to be assigned to relatively distant and biased schools.

According to the source of this newspaper, many districts will provide parents with the right to choose this year. If parents choose to “be willing to obey the adjustment”, they may be sent to schools far away from temporary residence. If they do not want, then there may be no law.

2. The situation in the third district is the most severe. Basically, there is no spare degree.

The biggest problem of points enrollment this year is: uneven regional distribution. This year, 85.33% applicants were concentrated in Siming district, Huli district, Jimei District and Haicang district, among which Huli district and Jimei district were the most burdened, and the number of applicants exceeded 6,000. In other words, more than half of the foreign children who are going to primary school this year are concentrated in these two districts.

The new situation this year is that even private schools in some districts are nervous about their degrees. Since last year, the municipal education bureau has arranged foreign children who meet the basic conditions for admission to points by purchasing degrees from private schools, if the private school still has a degree after enrolling qualified foreign children arranged by the government as a whole, it can enrol those children who do not meet the requirements.

However, this year, private schools in Siming district, Huli district and Jimei District expect that after receiving students who meet the points, there are basically no spare degrees to enroll students who do not meet the requirements.

3. Foreign children who do not meet the requirements will return to their domicile as soon as possible.

How do children who do not meet the requirements go to school? The municipal education bureau said that it was ready to return to the domicile as soon as possible.

The Education Department said that in previous years, the admission of points was on August 24, and last year, it was early to August 12, just to prepare for some people to go back to their places of origin.

For those who have not yet entered school, the municipal education bureau suggests that according to the length of their temporary residence and payment of social insurance, the number of points, and the degree of each district in the city, rationally choose the area where the degree is relatively comfortable to stay temporarily.

In addition, migrant workers in cities must pay attention to the schooling policy. The municipal education bureau said that the city’s requirements for temporary residence and social security for children who move in have been available since 2010, but there are still some people who have not applied for temporary residence, or did not pay Social Security.


From 2010 to 2014, Xiamen compulsory education students showed a “double growth”, that is, the city’s household registration and children with migration both increased, the former five years increased by 23%, the latter increased by 40.4%.

Xiamen adds 20,000 primary schools and junior high school students every year. In the past five years, the average annual growth of children in our city has been more than 13,000, and the household registration in this city has increased by more than 6,000.

In primary and junior high schools in Xiamen, foreign children have surpassed local children, and 53% of them are children who move with them-in 2011, the proportion of foreign children exceeded local children for the first time.


Degree increases year by year

Why is it difficult to go to school

In recent years, news of newly-built schools and increasing degrees has come out from time to time. Why is the situation of studying still grim?

In recent years, not only foreign babies, but also the registered population in this city has grown at a high speed.

The school construction speed cannot keep up with the increase speed of children. From 2010 to 2014, our city completed 58 primary and secondary school construction projects with 66,500 new degrees. However, during the same period, the number of students in compulsory education in our city increased by nearly 85,000.

There is limited space for new schools in urban areas. Most of the children with migration gather in the main urban areas, but many school construction projects cannot be built in the urban areas. Therefore, the degrees in the urban areas of Siming, Lake, Jimei and Haicang, Tong’an and Xiang’an are very tight.

Then, in line with the basic conditions for admission, is it sure that you can go to a public school? Not necessarily. The chances of high points are larger, and those with low points may have to go to private schools. If private schools are full, they should go back to the domicile early to attend school.

Do you need to pay tuition fees when you are sent to a private school? No need. However, the tuition fee does not include the school fare, lunch fee, school uniform fee and other agency fees of private schools.