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● What uncivilized driving behaviors have you photographed? This newspaper invites you to expose them

● The “car window parabolic” reported by this newspaper has aroused heated discussion, and the police intervened in the investigation.

Yesterday, the report of this newspaper about “Guangdong SM105B” Buick cars throwing their windows at Yingcui West Road in Xiamen caused heated discussion among readers. The report of this newspaper’s official WeChat was forwarded many times, while criticizing the uncivilized behavior of the car, many netizens hope to help correct it.

Netizens said: this is really bad, hurry to change it

As of last night, the report on the window of this Buick car on the official WeChat platform of this newspaper has been read by more than 12000 netizens, and many netizens have commented on the WeChat platform.

The netizen “Paula” said: “The police uncle arrested them and deducted points and fined them! I’m so stupid…… There is such a thing.”

Netizen “jump rope big expert Xu Zhiren” appealed: “I hope other vehicles will take it as a warning!”

The netizen “Siming civilization” exhorted the car owner: “Do you know? Xiamen is a very beautiful city. Xiamen people are very friendly. The reason why Xiamen Daily reported your story is that everyone wants to help you…… Many friends are already thinking about how to help you correct the habit of littering from the car…… I hope you can listen to it.”

Volunteers said: garbage does not fall to the ground, and supervision is required.

Shen Yaling, a volunteer of Siming city Volunteer Association, also expressed anger after reading the report of this newspaper. She said that as a city volunteer, she always adheres to the principle of not landing garbage when she goes out. She starts from herself and helps to pick up road garbage. She will never throw anything from the car.

Shen Yaling said that it was the first time she saw such a continuous act of throwing garbage from the car in Xiamen. She believes that no littering needs personal consciousness and social supervision. She said that the behavior of “window throwing” of this car should be severely punished to avoid such behavior happening again.

The police said: this behavior is illegal and needs to be dealt.

The reporter learned from the police that the Road Traffic Safety Law stipulates that passengers are not allowed to drip items outside the car. Pedestrians, passengers and non-motor vehicle drivers who violate road traffic safety laws and regulations on road traffic regulations shall be warned or fined not less than 50 yuan but not more than 5 yuan.

The reporter has reflected the situation of the car to the police, and the police will handle it. It is understood that Xiamen police had dealt with the behavior of car window throwing before. A traffic police believes that the behavior of this car will cause public anger because there are few cases like continuous windows throwing in Xiamen.

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Have you ever met these “exotic” behaviors?

In addition to the parabolic window, suddenly rush to the road while driving, and suddenly kill high beam in the night…… These uncivilized driving behaviors are also annoying.

Have you ever photographed these uncivilized behaviors? Or which “exotic” drivers have your driving recorder recorded? Send photos or videos to Xiamen Daily WeChat public platform and official Weibo to expose the uncivilized driving habits together. Take action to make the road more smooth and the society more civilized.

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