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At the end of September this year, the 10th International Garden Expo will be held in Wuhan. Xiamen has its own exclusive garden-Xiamen Garden. Yesterday, the reporter learned from Xiamen Garden Botanical Garden, which is in charge of the construction of Xiamen Garden, that Xiamen Garden has been completed and will welcome visitors from all directions with the most beautiful attitude when the garden opens in September.

Wuhan Garden expo Xiamen Garden. (City Garden Botanical Garden for pictures)

Taking part in the Expo, Xiamen Gate Park took Su Song of the Northern Song Dynasty, a historical celebrity of Xiamen, as the theme of the park, showing Xiamen Culture and history in many directions. This is also the first time that Xiamen has participated in the Expo with the theme of historical celebrities. Su Song is one of the most influential celebrities in the history of Xiamen. Zeng Guan went to the prime minister. Astronomy, geography, calendar, music and medicine are omnipotent. The water transport instrument platform invented by him can be called the ancestor of the tracking machine “rotating instrument clock” of the modern observatory, among which the first escapement mechanism is the key component of later clocks, therefore, Su Song is also known as “the father of the World Clock”. In addition, he also wrote the book of Materia Medica, which was earlier than Li Shizhen’s outline of Materia Medica.

In order to better fit this theme, the main building in Xiamen Park, swallowtail Ridge red brick, drew lessons from Su Song’s former residence “Lushan Hall” and was also named “Lushan Hall”, materials introducing Su Song and Xiamen’s history and culture will be exhibited. On the grass beside Lushan Hall, stone carvings with Southern Fujian characteristics relief wall will introduce Su Song’s life and achievements with the story of Su Song as the content. Since Wuhan does not produce smoky bricks and Hui’an stone carvings that make red bricks, these bricks and stone carvings are specially transported to Wuhan from southern Fujian. In addition, the plants and trees used for landscaping in the garden are all ornamental medicinal plants, with nearly 100 species. This is also the first time that all medicinal plants have been used for landscaping in the Garden Expo. According to the on-site photos provided by the City Garden Botanical Garden, the red brick is full of ancient meaning, the stone carvings are relief wall elegant and unique, the small pond in front of the garden is murmuring, the grass and trees in the garden are lush, and there are different patterns, it has the quiet and deep beauty of classical gardens, and the details reflect the Southern Fujian style everywhere. It is reported that after the end of the Garden Expo in next April, Xiamen Garden will remain and become a new scene in Wuhan.