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Yesterday morning, a man fell to death in a hotel in Haihou Road, Siming district. Xiamen police reported that the man was suspected of being killed in two cases in Jinjiang and fell to the building to commit suicide.

A man fell to death in the hotel

At noon yesterday, the reporter of the guide came to the hotel. On the 7th floor, on the floor where the deceased lived, two cleaners were cleaning up. “At 07:50 in the morning, I saw a group of people around, only to know that someone died.” A cleaning uncle on haihoulu revealed that at 5:30 in the morning, another cleaner saw a man lying on the roadside.

The security guard of the nearby supermarket said that it was a man who fell to the building. He was in his 30 s and a tourist. His brother also stayed in the hotel together. “I don’t know whether my brother or brother died.” An aunt living nearby said, “it seems that she found a suicide note in the hotel room with a kitchen knife beside it.”

Once reported that he hacked two people to death.

Later yesterday, a police spokesman revealed that the 110 command center of the municipal public security bureau received an alarm from a man who claimed to be gong mouzhou, 24 years old and from Chongqing.

Gong mouzhou said that at 1 noon on the 15th, two colleagues were killed with a knife in a factory dormitory in Jinjiang city, Quanzhou due to complaints, and now they want to commit suicide.

The police immediately launched a synthetic combat mechanism to carry out investigations and informed Quanzhou police. The police soon found Gong mouzhou in the first hotel of Haihou Road, Siming district and persuaded him. But Gong was so excited that he jumped from the windowsill on the 7th floor and died without listening to the police’s dissuade.

At present, Quanzhou police found two male corpses in the dormitory of a shoe factory staff in Chen Yi Town, Jinjiang, which were 22-year-old Wu Mou and 18-year-old Wu Mou (both from Fuzhou, Jiangxi). Jinjiang police revealed that Gong mouzhou and his colleagues from the two victims lived in the same dormitory. Why Gong mouzhou committed murder, the police did not disclose that the specific case was under investigation.