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A group of gamblers were caught in the nest by the police. They were full of middle bus, and transferred another one to send them away.

Last night, Mr. Yang, the evening news photographer, witnessed this “spectacular” scene on Fengyu Road. According to eyewitnesses, a gambling den hidden in the Teahouse was destroyed that night, and the police took more than 130 people involved in gambling.

The Gambler was taken away by the police. Paike Yang junmu supply picture

Gamblers bet from afternoon to evening

The banker asked the chef to prepare for midnight snack.

This gambling nest is located near the Strait commodity market at the junction of Fengyu Road and Huguang Road. From the outside, it is a teahouse with three floors. The entrance of the first floor is guarded by “steel mate” and there is a probe on the wall. It was these unusual equipment that attracted the attention of the police. After receiving reports from citizens, the police began to investigate.

According to observation, this gambling den is usually “started” in the afternoon and has been gambling until the evening. Most of the gamblers come from Zhangzhou. Some drive to gamble, and some dealers use cars. Gamblers don’t have to worry about eating and drinking. Besides smoking and tea, the banker specially invited the chef to prepare dinner and midnight snack.

The bag dropped upstairs

The money inside is full of money

The capture operation began at more than 3 pm yesterday, and nearby stores witnessed the capture process.

“At that time, the gambling had already started. Several young people came over with their bags on their backs and stood at the door for a while, and the iron gate opened.” A store owner told reporters that it was not surprising that this kind of situation was common at ordinary times, but what happened next made people feel that something big was going to happen.

According to the store owner, many policemen came to surround the tea house. A few minutes later, the police went upstairs with the breaking tool, and then heard a loud noise from the corridor on the second floor.

Witnesses said that there were lookout personnel on the second floor. The young men who entered the backpack before were actually undercover, and they were stopped on the second floor. After controlling the lookout personnel on undercover, the police forcibly opened the door with breaking tools and entered the gambling scene on the third floor.

There are nearly 10 boxes on the third floor. When the police rushed in, gamblers were gambling. Seeing the police, gamblers ran away one after another, but the windowsill was too high to jump. There were police guarding the front and rear exits, and the last one didn’t run away.

“I saw someone throw some bags down the window, some bags are not tight, and I can see that all the bags inside are banknotes.” An eyewitness said that these money bag were captured by the police.

Captured more than 100 gamblers

Seized several cash register

Witnesses told reporters that it was less than 10 minutes before and after the police hit the gambling nest yesterday, and the speed was very fast. However, it took several hours to bring out all the gamblers inside until about 10 o’clock in the evening.

Mr. Yang, a photographer, was one of the onlookers. He said that he paid special attention to the number of gamblers caught at that time. “I counted, and there were more than 130 people taken away.” Mr. Yang said. Another onlooker said that he saw several cash register sets in the things taken by the police, “It is estimated that there is a big bet”.

The reporter then verified the matter to the police in the jurisdiction. They confirmed that there was indeed this action on that day, but the case was still under investigation and no more details were disclosed for the time being.