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From yesterday afternoon to this morning, Xiamen, which had not rained for 9 consecutive days, had a long-lost obvious precipitation, accompanied by lightning and a short-term 8-level strong wind, which had a comparable impact on the island of our city than a typhoon. It is expected that the precipitation will last until around the weekend, and the heavy rain is mainly concentrated in today and tomorrow.

■ water accumulation on multiple roads inside and outside the island.

■ The wind and rain are still heavy today and tomorrow, so citizens should pay attention to prevention when traveling.


South China Sea Cloud Group delivers abundant water vapor

Just like the Typhoon cradle “shaking” the wind and rain

At around 23:00 last night, a 7-month thunderstorm came quietly and lasted for nearly an hour. The municipal meteorological observatory also issued blue rainstorm and yellow lightning warning signals. As of 07:30 A.M. today, there are 4 stations greater than 100mm in our city.

At 10:30 this afternoon, the municipal meteorological observatory issued another rainstorm warning: it is expected that the heavy rainfall in our city will continue in the next 12 hours, with accumulated rainfall reaching 50mm-80mm and some outside the island exceeding 100mm. The municipal flood control office launched the Level 2 emergency response against rainstorm and flood.

According to the analysis of the Meteorological Department, the heavy rain in Xiamen this time was mainly caused by the transportation of a large amount of water vapor by the South China Sea clouds and the Southwest rapids, coupled with the intersection of weak cold air, which formed heavy rain. The strong wind is mainly due to the strong southwest rapids, which dominate the south wind. From last night to this morning, heavy rain to heavy rain occurred in Tong’an and heavy rain occurred in the northern mountainous areas. At 07:40 A.M. this afternoon, Tong’an Meteorological Bureau issued a rain report: From 20 o’clock last night to 7 o’clock this morning, the maximum rainfall occurred in Yunding Mountain, with the rainfall reaching 206.5MM. Tingxi reservoir group benefited from this, increasing the storage capacity by about 1 million cubic meters.

According to the meteorological bureau of Tong’an district, the heavy rain last night was concentrated in the northern mountainous area of Tong’an. The rainfall of three automatic stations in the northern mountainous area reached more than 100mm. Except Yunding Mountain, Wang Qiancun was 124mm and Xi Cao Yang was 111.4mm. The Meteorological Department reminded that from today to tomorrow, there is a risk of geological disasters in Tong’an district, and geological disasters such as collapse and landslide are likely to occur, so attention should be paid to prevention.


Water accumulation depth up to 70cm

The car broke down and the driver was trapped.

Continuous heavy rain has caused water accumulation on multiple roads inside and outside the island of our city. This morning, the reporter saw at the East Bus Station of Hudong Road that the water in the nearby auxiliary Road was about 15cm deep. The reporter stepped in and the rain had spread over his ankle. After the bus enters the auxiliary road, water splashes onto the platform. “The water is too deep, and the sneakers are wet.” Miss Lin, who came to Xiamen from Dongguan two days ago, was a little overwhelmed by the sudden heavy precipitation. Miss Lin said that she didn’t know it would rain so heavily when she came here before. She only brought sneakers and came out early in the morning. As soon as she arrived at the bus station, she stepped on the water and the shoes got wet.

The reporter learned that this morning, water accumulation occurred in many places such as success Avenue, Jiangtou West Road, Xingjin Road, and Fengshan village, Dongfu Town. However, as of the time before the press release, the water accumulation had gradually receded.

In the construction section near Jimei North railway station, a vehicle was trapped in the water about 70cm deep, and the driver was in the car. It is understood that the fire brigade and the local police station are rushing to the scene to rescue. As of press time, the driver has not been out of trouble.

Short-term wind force reaches level 8

Broken trunk hit tourists

The reporter learned that the maximum wind gust reached Level 8 this morning. According to the public, the heavy rain and strong wind last night also caused some avenue trees to be blown down.

This morning, the reporter saw in front of No. 26 Jianye Road that a Avenue trees tree about 4 meters high was lying horizontally in the center of the auxiliary Road, and some branches and leaves were smashed on the trash can, the staff of the greening department are using saw to disassemble the big tree. According to nearby residents, this tree has a history of more than 30 years. After a storm and heavy rain last night, the tree fell in the morning. “It has an impact on travel, but it is more painful. The trees for so many years are gone.”

At more than 10 o’clock this morning, near No. 80 Quanzhou Road, Gulangyu Island, the trunk of a tree broke and two tourists from Guangdong came to visit Xiamen. It is understood that the trunk was about one meter long and hit the legs of two tourists. Fortunately, they were only slightly injured. At present, Gulangyu police station and greening department have arrived to deal with it.

Millions of cubic meters per night

The storage capacity of Tingxi reservoir Group soared

As of 11 am, the water retention capacity of the city’s small reservoir was 75.6193 million cubic meters, accounting for 54.1% of the total inventory, a slight increase from 50.8% before yesterday’s precipitation.

The storage capacity of Tingxi reservoir group increased significantly due to heavy rains in the northern mountainous areas. In June this year, the storage capacity of Tingxi reservoir doubled compared with that of the drought in February. Lin Luqun, deputy director of the flood control office of Tingxi reservoir, introduced that the storage capacity of Tingxi reservoir group increased by about 1 million cubic meters after the heavy rain last night. It is expected that the storage capacity may continue to increase.

Temporary suspension of all ferry routes

Multiple flights at the airport are affected.

The reporter learned this morning that due to sudden the heavy weather influence at sea, all routes of the ferry company were temporarily suspended to ensure safety. Multiple flights at the airport are affected.