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If you invest tens of thousands of yuan, you can start a business and become a boss, which sounds very attractive. However, what kind of project to choose often makes it difficult for many citizens who are ready to start a business.

At 9:00 am on July 19 (this Sunday), the promotion meeting of 2015 summer entrepreneurship projects hosted by Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security will be held in the hall on the first floor of the municipal labor force building. At that time, 87 outstanding entrepreneurship projects will be intensively unveiled, you might as well go and see if there is anything suitable for you.

Community service projects are highlights

To succeed in starting a business, choosing is very important to the project. The reporter of the guide learned that the project of this promotion meeting was selected 87 outstanding projects from 160 projects through on-the-spot investigation and evaluation by the entrepreneurship guidance experts of the jury. Among them, there are 22 E-commerce, education and computer service industries, 16 agriculture, forestry and fishery industries, 8 manufacturing and processing industries, 17 wholesale and retail industries, 11 accommodation and catering industries, community services, the other 13.

According to the relevant person in charge of the municipal people’s social security bureau, community service projects are a highlight of this promotion meeting. With the increasing demand of residents for community service, this field has gradually become a “rich mine” for venture nuggets “.

Invest tens of thousands of yuan to be a boss

Whether entrepreneurial projects are good or not, the ratio of input to output is crucial. It is reported that the 87 projects finally selected have the characteristics of less investment, quick results, characteristics, easy operation and so on, with good market prospects and high investment benefits, you can be a boss with a minimum investment of tens of thousands of yuan. Among them, there are high-end e-commerce investment projects such as “Southern Fujian ancient town smart business Street” and small fresh “sucking fresh milk tea” joining cooperation projects, there are novel “teeth cleaner faucet” patent cooperation projects and fashionable “sand painting art” performing arts cooperation projects.

In order to encourage project promotion, in accordance with relevant regulations, for entrepreneurial projects that enter the municipal entrepreneurial project resource pool, the project applicant can get 2,000 yuan/piece of warehousing project reward; If the project is adopted by more than 5 people, project applicants can also get 5,000 yuan/piece of quality project awards.

College students’ entrepreneurship can be guided by experts.

Previously, the promotion meeting of entrepreneurial projects had been held in Xiamen for 13 consecutive years, once a year in the past, in autumn and winter. This year, the Human Resources and Social Security Department plus-sized the promotion of the project, and plans to hold two promotion meetings, which will be held for the first time in summer, mainly aiming at the entrepreneurial needs of initial entrepreneurship and independent entrepreneurs, especially for newly graduated college students to provide much-needed entrepreneurial project choices.

After selecting the project, the promotion meeting will also bring together entrepreneurial guidance experts in management, management, policy, law, financing and other aspects to carry out entrepreneurial consulting service activities on site, some professionals interpret new entrepreneurship policies on the spot, explain the procedures and regulations for applying for entrepreneurship subsidies, entrepreneurship rewards and entrepreneurship guaranteed loans, and let entrepreneurs know more about Updated entrepreneurship preferential policies, design Pulse for start-up objects.