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Affected by typhoon “canhong”, the high temperature of ℃ appeared in Xiamen Island yesterday, breaking the high temperature record this year. At the same time, “canhong” also brought strong winds to Xiamen, and now Xiamen Blue.

The reporter learned from Xiamen Meteorological Bureau that while “canhong” brought wind and rain to Zhejiang, the sinking airflow formed in its periphery brought high temperature, dry, sunny and rainy weather to Xiamen. Yesterday, the highest temperature in Xiamen Island reached ℃, and the highest temperature outside the island (Tong’an station) reached ℃. It is reported that such high temperature in the island is the second highest record in the past 10 years since 2006, and it is only second to the record of ℃ set in July 2007. It is worth mentioning that the highest temperature in Xiamen July island exceeds 38℃ for two consecutive days, which is also rare in the history of July. Yesterday was the sixth high temperature day in Xiamen Island this year, but it was only 4 and a half days all year round. That is to say, just after the arrival of midsummer, the number of high temperature days in Xiamen has exceeded that of previous years.

How long will this heat last? At 11 o’clock yesterday, the municipal meteorological bureau issued a high temperature orange warning signal. Today, the highest temperature can reach 37℃ in the afternoon, and the local temperature can reach 38℃. That is to say, Xiamen will also be affected by the circulation around “canhong” today. It will continue to be sunny and hot, and the temperature in the island may exceed 38℃ for three consecutive days.

The good news is that the impact of “canhong” will weaken tomorrow, and the temperature will drop significantly. The highest temperature will drop by 3℃-4℃, and the highest temperature will be around 34℃ in the afternoon tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. The weather is still sunny, however, the weather becomes unstable in the afternoon the day after tomorrow, and there may be showers or thundershowers in some areas.

Under the influence of the peripheral circulation of “canhong”, the downdraft in the North is prevailing in Xiamen. In the downdraft, the air humidity is small and the clouds are few, while clouds are easy to produce in the updraft, therefore, the sky of Xiamen these two days is endless, the clouds are rarely thin, and “Xiamen Blue” is especially beautiful.

In addition, under the influence of “canhong”, Xiamen has strong wind force, fast wind speed, good diffusion conditions of pollutants, and it is not easy to deposit near the ground, therefore, the air quality of the five national control points in Xiamen yesterday was all excellent.

The meteorological department said that today, Xiamen will be affected by the periphery of the “canhong” Typhoon and continue to prevail in the north. It is expected that the air quality is very good and Xiamen Blue will continue to bloom willfully. (Reporter Zeng Haoran correspondent Qixiang)

○ today

Cloudy to sunny

27 ℃-37 ℃

Southwest wind level 2-level 3

○ tomorrow


27 ℃-34 ℃

Southerly wind level 2-level 3

○ The Day After Tomorrow

Cloudy to cloudy, with showers or thundershowers in some areas

26 ℃-33 ℃

Southerly wind level 2-level 3