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After the woman withdrew money from the ATM, she forgot to take away her bank card and was stolen 4100 yuan.

One night recently, Ms Zhang went to an ATM machine in lingbierli on the island to withdraw money. Ten minutes after leaving the ATM machine, Ms Zhang received a notification message from the bank, saying that Cary spent 4100 yuan. Not in front of the ATM machine, and there is no consumption, how can the money in the card be taken away? Only then did Ms Zhang find that she forgot to take the card after withdrawing the money.

Ms. Zhang immediately returned to the ATM and found that the card had been taken away. She immediately reported the case to the police. The monitoring record of the ATM showed that, A man wearing a black T-shirt took Ms Zhang’s money and bank card. At 07:53 that night, the man came to the ATM and found a bank card left by others in the card slot. After confirming that there were no other people around, he took 4100 yuan from the card in two strokes, and take the bank card away, the whole crime process is less than two minutes.

At present, the police have been involved in the investigation.

Bank reminder: If citizens do not operate on the ATM machine for a certain period of time, the card will be swallowed by the machine. When operating on the ATM machine, be sure to take away the bank card in time to avoid being taken by others within the time difference of swallowing the card and stealing the money in the card.