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According to the news from Fujian Provincial Education Examination Institute, this year’s batch of top-notch sports undergraduate students in our province will seek voluntary admission today. Yesterday, the examinees had already filled in the online first request for voluntary admission.

It is understood that there are not many shortfalls in the plan for the first time to seek voluntary admission for undergraduate sports students, and a total of 84 people are seeking voluntary admission. Among them, there are 36 sports articles and 48 sports managers. There are also some famous schools seeking voluntary admission this time, such as Beijing Sports University, which has a plan gap for social sports guidance and management and leisure sports. Wuhan Institute of Physical Education, the two professional colleges of Tianjin Institute of Physical Education also have three plan gaps.

Among the colleges and universities in the province, Minnan Institute of Technology has the largest plan gap, and 19 people will be recruited for sports articles, Fujian Normal University, there are also 3-4 planning gaps in social sports guidance and management majors in provincial colleges and universities such as Jimei University.