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Violent resistance to the law often appears

Xu Wenshan, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Siming District Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau, told the reporter that with the arrival of summer, all kinds of chaos affecting the appearance of the city were more prominent-electric tricycle, hanging a gas cylinder, fried and roasted on the street; Cargo van, trunk after modification, parking and buying anywhere; Stores with stores will put tables or barbecue grills at the door of the store for road occupation…… “These situations are getting worse and worse, and residents hate this deeply. Our determination and strength to enforce the law this time are very strong. Next, we will continue plus-sized the renovation of night city appearance and strengthen the supervision of night inspections.”

However, Xu Wenshan also said frankly that in the process of law enforcement, the phenomenon of violent resistance to the law not only appeared frequently, but also became more and more fierce. In the first half of this year, more serious violent resistance has been encountered in 30 cases, and many urban management team members have been injured.

“Yesterday, we have expressed our condolences to the injured team members and hope that the citizens and the law enforcement officers can better understand our work.” Xu Wenshan said.

As the weather gets hot, the phenomenon of road occupation and open-air barbecue also increases. Since July 7, Siming district has officially launched a three-month comprehensive renovation of City appearance at night in summer, mainly aiming at 52 primary and secondary way illegal acts such as night food stalls and barbecue stalls occupying roads.

However, when the rectification was carried out on Dongpu Road the night before last, an accident occurred suddenly-two investigators from the urban management squadron in the jurisdiction were injured due to violent resistance to the law during the law enforcement process, one of the more seriously injured investigators had 18 stitches in his right leg due to the impact of beer bottle. At present, the police are investigating this matter.

Two investigators were injured by the clerk’s violent resistance to the law.

The reporter learned that it happened around 11:50 the night before yesterday. According to the urban management and law enforcement bureau of Siming district, they were carrying out the comprehensive renovation of City appearance at night in summer along Dongpu Road at that time. At this time, they noticed that there was a barbecue shop called “Yi-style barbecue bar” opposite the gas station of Dongpu Road. The staff in the shop not only openly placed the barbecue grill, refrigerator and other items outside the shop, occupying the public space, there are also several tables for citizens to eat.

After finding the situation, the investigators of the urban management squadron in the jurisdiction immediately stepped forward to separate people and objects so that law enforcement officers could carry out law enforcement. However, after seeing the urban management team members, the people in the store not only did not cooperate with law enforcement, but also became excited. According to the urban management team members at the scene, three men were excited, and two men simply smashed the unopened beer bottle, violently resisting the law and hitting three working vehicles, they also injured two investigators who had no time to avoid, causing a slight scratch on one’s neck and a right leg injury. The police have filed an investigation for obstruction of official duties and are still investigating.

The 23-year-old examiner had 18 stitches in his leg.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to the No. 3 mobile team of the urban management and law enforcement bureau of Siming district and saw Yu Fengbin, the assistant with leg injuries in this violent anti-law. Although the wound on his right leg had been wrapped with gauze, the wound inside was faintly visible. After the injury, he was not able to move easily and could only sit or lie down for a while.

Yu Fengbin told reporters that the situation did happen suddenly at that time, “I was only responsible for separating people from objects, but I didn’t confiscate anything.” After seeing the emotion of the other party out of control, Yu Fengbin avoided subconsciously, but unexpectedly a brand-new beer bottle was hit at his feet, then it exploded, and the fragments of beer bottle immediately deep into his leg.

“After the incident happened, I didn’t realize something was wrong. I just felt that my legs were sweating. I didn’t expect to lift my pants before I saw my right leg bleeding.” Yu Fengbin said that he was immediately sent to Zhongshan Hospital and the doctor had 18 stitches in his leg.

Yu Fengbin, who is only 23 years old this year, has been an assistant for nearly a year. Facing the violent anti-law incident, he can only smile helplessly, “when enforcing the law, he often encounters situations that the masses do not understand.”