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At 05:17 yesterday, a warehouse piled up waste products in the southern Fujian fruit and vegetable wholesale market in Tong’an district caught fire.

The fire warehouse is a single-layer cement steel structure building with no walls on all sides. The burning materials are mainly accumulated waste cartons and some discarded household garbage.

Due to excessive accumulation of combustibles and inflammable articles, smoke filled the scene. Although the rainstorm continued, the fire was in the building, and the rain could not play a role in the fire. The fire officers and soldiers who put out the fire outside could only take heavy rain to rescue. There was a motorcycle parked at the edge of the waste pile. The motorcycle was affected by the fire, and the car body rang with bursts of explosions from time to time. The house was next to the fire, and the situation was critical.

Because the road leading to the scene was narrow and the road was crowded with people and vehicles, fire engines could not enter. Fire fighters laid nearly 200 meters of water supply trunk lines from the periphery, and two water cannons were fired at the front line, one attacked the fire from the front and the other from the rear to prevent the fire from spreading.

After nearly an hour of rain fighting by the fire officers and soldiers, the open fire was put out, and the fire officers and soldiers used the fire hook to thoroughly clean up the scene to ensure that there was no possibility of a resurgence. The cause of the fire is under investigation.