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The mobile phone has a new model. After buying it on the mobile phone “luckily”, I found it was knock-off machine after receiving the product. Finally, I called the official customer service to find that the website selling the mobile phone was fake. Yesterday, Miss he reported the matter to the official microblog “@ Xiamen Daily” of this newspaper.

“Search Huawei’s official website from Baidu. As a result, click the first link and buy it.” Miss He said that at 10 am on the 13th, the “Huawei glory 7” mobile phone was open for purchase. She entered the “official website” with her mobile phone at the first time and got it smoothly. Excited Miss he bought the 2199 yuan mobile phone by mobile phone payment before the order was canceled. Three days later, Miss he opened the package and found something wrong. “It is not the Huawei glory 7 ordered, but an old Huawei 3X, or a cottage.”

Miss he hurriedly called the customer service hotline of Huawei mobile phone, but was told that Miss he had not placed the order on the official website. After the consultation, Miss he realized that she was cheated by the fake official website.


Open the shopping link on WeChat

If you cannot see the website, you are easily cheated.

The industry insider “onion” told the reporter that after analysis, the website that Miss he logged in did not correspond to the report information. Moreover, the website is deliberately tampered with. When the link is opened, the server will judge whether the phone is opened or the computer is opened, thus displaying different pages. “Onion” said that as soon as Apple iPhone, Xiaomi, Nokia and other brands of mobile phones were snapped up, fishing websites surged.

“Onion” also reminds consumers that there may be “promotion links” on Baidu search websites, which need to be identified. Most phishing websites use this channel to deceive people. “In addition, you can’t see the website when you open the webpage on WeChat, so don’t open the link to shop on WeChat.”