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On July 17, minnan.com, “Cosplay festival” has always been the “main drama” of Xiamen International Animation Festival. Every year, a group of well-known cosers gather to participate in the performance, which is funny, cute, cold and cool, all kinds of Cos shows are available on site. Of course, this year is no exception!

A few days ago, the reporter learned from the Xiamen organizing committee that the Coser Makeup Remover Competition will be held online in the Cosplay grand ceremony this year, in addition to the traditional Cosplay team competition, Cosplay individual competition and Cosplay cover competition, go straight to Coser’s “True Colors”!

Highlight 1

Well-known Coser on both sides of the Strait to help the matrix

Last year, many well-known Coser beauties in the animation industry were invited as judges and guests in the competition, including the classical American Men’s Day marks in Taiwan’s wireless humanoid form and the Japanese American men’s Binbin of Guangzhou meimeng group, it has aroused the crazy pursuit of many fans.

According to reports, this year’s Cosplay grand ceremony will continue to invite well-known cosers from all over the country and both sides of the Taiwan Strait to come to assist in the battle. Through the interaction between cosers and on-site audiences, it will satisfy the desire of the majority of film fans to see the Idol style, let more audiences have the opportunity to know the famous Coser and understand Cosplay culture. In addition, these well-known Coser will also hold a signing meeting on site.

Of course, as the main play of the grand ceremony, all events in Cosplay will also focus on creating and presenting to fans. The organizing committee said that on the basis of previous sessions this year, the design sense of the stage will be increased, and the professionalism of the event will be increased by combining LED and lighting effects.

In addition, combined with fashionable entertainment elements, Coser experience area will be set up simultaneously on site to create a young, fashionable and active competition atmosphere and deliver healthy and creative positive energy.

Highlight 2

A wave of makeup remover Coser came

It is said that Coser has three “sharp tools”: makeup, clothing and PS. Many secondary fans want to have a glimpse of Coser’s real appearance, but they are not available. In this grand ceremony, fans will enjoy this unique “welfare”. It is reported that this year’s grand ceremony specially added the online Coser Makeup Remover Competition “good courage you will come. Coser participating in the competition can upload a photo with makeup and a photo after makeup removal through relevant mobile Internet platforms. The competition will be ranked according to The Daily microblog clicks and forwarding volume, and a winner will be selected every day, award the corresponding bonus.

This means that cosers who participate in the competition will be generous to remove makeup, take cosmetic contact lenses, false eyelashes and so on, return from secondary characters to otaku and otaku, and accept comments from fans. It is reported that if the winners can come to the scene to remove makeup, the bonus will double!

According to reports, Xiamen International Animation Festival has been successfully held for seven times, and the Cosplay festival has become a landmark brand activity of the International Animation Festival. The scale of the activity plus-sized day by day and the content of the activity is rich, attracting many excellent teams and individuals to participate, and becoming an influential brand activity in domestic animation competitions day by day.

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Cosplay dress-up party, peak E-sports event, on-site sound performance, exquisite anime peripheral merchandise sales…… The 8th Xiamen International Animation Festival will be held in Hall 1 of the main exhibition hall of Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center from August 21-24, with a total area of over 20,000 square meters.

In order to facilitate the majority of animation fans to buy tickets, in addition to on-site sales, animation festival organizers have also opened a number of ticket purchase channels including network platforms and telephone orders. In addition, citizens can also directly swipe e-pass cards to enter. In addition, this year’s animation festival tickets will be launched in succession through the official media platform for fans to win tickets. (Haidu reporter Wei Yi correspondent Liu Lingfei)

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